49ers and Trey Lance: There’s a storm brewing in the bay

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The second year of the San Francisco 49ers, QB Trey Lance prepares mentally and physically for war. During organized team activities (OTAs) and mini camp, we heard from Lance, his coaches and most importantly his teammates. The common denominator in what they shared about the young quarterback was his confidence and drive.

How can a young child who hasn’t seen much time playing during the junior season prepare for year two? It is simply his confidence. Confidence is not something you develop overnight. Rather, it is something that develops through adversity.

Lance received a Division I grant to the University of Minnesota to run quarterback. However, he wanted to play quarterback, so he took his talents to North Dakota, where he donned a red jersey for his new season (2018). In that season, Lance played in only two matches and scored two rushing goals. In 2019, Lance was named the Junior and led Team Bison to the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision Championship. Covid postponed North Dakota’s 2020 season, and Lance entered the draft in 2021.

Lance was told he couldn’t play quarterback, and as soon as he had the chance, he did just that in North Dakota, achieving a lot and winning many trophies.

The 49ers drafted Lance with the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. I couldn’t even imagine the weight on Lance’s shoulders when the team already had a successful starting player on the roster (Jimmy Garoppolo), and the team is trading away two first-round picks and more to move on to top for your choice. This puts a lot of pressure on the young man.

Lance wore his red jersey for the NFL rookie season. He started two games, drew 1-1, threw for 603 yards, five touchdowns, two interceptions, and rushed to the touchdown. This sounds similar to his first year of kindergarten enrollment in North Dakota.

As Lance enters his second season, he appears to have the support of his coaches and teammates. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said the young quarterback improved with reps during the OTAs and junior camp. Defensive coordinator Demiko Ryans Blanes also paid tribute.

“Tree has done an amazing job,” Ryans said. “Every day he gets better and better. It was tough to defend him.”

All his teammates, such as Jimmie Ward, Charvarius Ward, Kyle Juszczyk and Trent Williams, mentioned how Lance was a “natural leader”.

“He has the qualifications to lead, and he has qualities that people will want to follow,” said captain Williams.

Lance’s small business group makes it difficult to predict what he will do on the football field this season. However, we know how the coaches and teammates feel, and everything on and off the field is trending upwards.

There’s a storm brewing in the bay and I have 5 of them.

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