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San Francisco 49ers fans have criticized NFL Network Analyst Adam Rank since he predicted a three-game winning streak for the Bay Area in 2019. The 49ers’ squad went on to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

The rating hasn’t predicted such a terrible outcome for Class 49 since then. It predicted the team’s total win for the 2022 season. After predicting three wins in 2019, the rankings predicted 12 wins in 2020 and 14 wins in 2021.

What does crystal ball say about San Francisco for the upcoming season? The rankings predict that the 49 players will finish at 9-8.

There are more question marks for Kyle Shanahan’s side this season than ever. While the interior offensive line’s stance is enough to make any fan nervous, there’s no greater doubt than Tre Lance, who is set to be the quarterback after starting just two games last season. If Lance thrives in his second season in the NFL, he will be the 49ers.

“I will [get] That’s out of the way: There won’t be a 3-13 prediction, “The Ranking, Always Good Sport About the online harassment of the 2019 predictions, shared.

As a huge Chicago Bears fan, Rank has his favorite NFL team knocking down the 49ers in Week 1 at Soldier Field.

“The Bears should have won this game last year,” Rank explained. “Improved defense. Give me Justin Fields over Tre Lance or Jimmy Garoppolo or whatever. Joe Montana. Get Steve Young out. I don’t care. The Bears won that game.”

What about the other 49ers games? Here’s how Rank plans for the start of the San Francisco season.

  • In Bears – L.
  • Seahawks – W
  • In the Broncos – L.
  • Rams – W
  • In Panthers – L.
  • In Falcons – W.
  • Heads – L
  • In Rams – L.

That leaves the 49ers under 0.500 heading into farewell week. Below is the expected Rank score for the remainder of the season.

  • Chargers – W
  • In Cardinals – W.
  • Saints – W
  • Dolphins – L
  • pirate – L.
  • VC Hawks – W
  • Leaders – W
  • In Raiders – L.
  • Cardinals – W

Despite winning only nine games, Rank still had San Francisco in the playoffs. The record is good enough for a second place finish in the NFC West. The Los Angeles Rams finished with 11-6, the Arizona Cardinals 8-9, and the Seattle Seahawks 5-12, with the latter two watching post-season from home.

“This is a best-case scenario: Tre Lance is the Joe Borough of this year, and the 49 players will return to the Super Bowl,” Rank said. “It can happen. The worst case is that Lance isn’t even Jimmy Garoppolo, and it all comes around them, and nobody succeeds.

“But as you can see here, nine wins for the San Francisco 49ers. I know you liked it better when you guys picked you to win three games because that’s when you go to the Super Bowl, but I have to keep it real. You win nine games and do the playoffs.”

The standings held the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4) and Green Bay Packers (12-5) with the best records in the NFC. He finished his Bears with 49-plus wins, and secured a place in the playoff with a score of 10-7.

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