AJ Brown tells Titans fan, ‘You’ve been the best playable receiver for your franchise’

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After weeks of trading from Titans to Eagles, AJ Brown is still having issues with Titans fans.

Last month, Brown canceled his appearance at a soccer camp in Tennessee over concerns that ardent Titans fans would threaten his safety. Now Brown is arguing online with a Titans fan.

After Brown made an incorrect remark about the weather forecast, a Titans fan tweeted to him, “For the love of God, just stay off social media. You really are evil. No need to make him a ‘stupid villain’.”

This led to a sharp reaction from Brown.

“For the love of God, I was The best gaming receiver for your franchise. Shut up and go ahead. “You’re angry at the wrong person,” Brown tweeted.

It’s not unusual for fans to go from love to hating a player after trading him, although there appears to be more animosity than usual between fans of the Browns and the Titans. As for the question of whether Brown is really the best receiver in franchise history? There was never a wide future in the Hall of Fame who played a large part of his career with the Titans either in Tennessee, or in their previous incarnation as the Houston Oilers. But it’s hard to call Brown, who’s had 2,995 yards in three seasons, the best receiver in franchise history.

That title might go to Ernest Givens, the franchise’s all-time leader with 7,935 yards, or to Charlie Henegan, who led the NFL twice for yards, or to Derek Mason, who had four seasons from 1,000 yards. Titan. Brown’s three years in Tennessee don’t put him in that class.

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