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Aaron Judge (New York): 2-3, 2 hours, 2 am, 3 RBI.

It’s not like this season has come out of nowhere for Aaron Judge.

After all, since his debutant debut in 2016, Judge’s WRC+ has averaged 155, and he’s produced an fWAR of 28.3, according to Fangraphs. Last year, he made 39 home runs and led at 98 RBI while notching .287 in 633 plate appearances. Referee, quite simply and simply, is one of the stars of Major League Baseball. It also doesn’t hurt that he plays for the Yankees, one of baseball’s most popular teams.

However, despite Judge’s stature and production history, this season for him looks different. It seems that history can be made, if the judge stays healthy, and if all the chips fall right.

On Saturday, Judge rushed against the Cubs in the Yankees’ 8-0 win in the Bronx. He also hit twice at home and led in three of the RBI. The two-stroke sidereal day has increased his average strokes to 0.313, and his total HRs to 24.

When it comes to Yankees games in history and their first 59 games, only Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle have made more home runs during that time period. As of now, Judge is on track to score 66 home runs for the year.

So, it’s entirely plausible that baseball fans will see another home run in 2022, with the possibility that the judge will make a home run for one Barry Bonds season of 73.

The judge’s job will not be easy. The 30-year-old has played over 140 games only twice in his career (2017 and 2021). If he wants to have a chance to tie or surpass Bond’s record, he’ll probably need to play all 162 games.

However, if anyone could run towards Bonds, they would be the judge.

According to Savant, the judge ranks in the 100th percentile in average exit velocity on hit balls, xwOBA, xSLG and barrel rate. His hard hit rate ranks in the 99th percentile, and his top exit speed on hit balls is ranked 98th. The strength that the judge has demonstrated this year has been enormous, and it also shows that his powerful tool is legitimate in many ways.

Will the judge hit 60, or maybe 70 times? There are still a lot of baseball games left, 103 for Judge and the Yankees specifically.

But Judge’s push toward the Bonds is worth watching and rooting for, even if the odds are low and the team is the Yankees.

Let’s see how the other hitters did on Saturday

Mike Trout (LAA): 3-4, 2B, 2 hours, 3R, 3 RBI.

The Angels won twice in a row after losing 14 games in a row, a streak that cost manager Joe Madon his job. Despite the club’s struggles, Trout continued to lead the club offensively, scoring .294 with 16 home points and 1,036 OPS. On Saturday against the Mets, Trout fired two home runs and led in three RBI points, bringing his total in the latter to 33.

Once a stolen 20-30 base threat, Trout didn’t steal this year’s base, which is disappointing, but understandable given his injury history. Other than that, Trout was old, which was fine for the fantasy directors who took him in their drafts.

Brian Reynolds (pit): 3-4, 2B, HR, 2R, 2 RBI.

Reynolds had a busy day away from Atlanta player Charlie Morton, earning three hits, including a double and a home run. Reynolds also added two rounds and two RBIs, giving him 23 and 16 in those categories for the year. It’s been a good season, but not great for Reynolds, hitting .244 with an OPS of .744 in 230 games.

It looks like Reynolds could be a potential commercial candidate this summer, especially with the Buccaneers clearly in rebuilding mode. However, if Reynolds wants to find himself on another roster by August, he will definitely need to warm up at the plate soon.

Louis Araz (minute): 3-5, HR, R, 4 RBI.

Arraez spoiled Shane Baz’s debut in 2022, as Arraez launched a Grand Slam tour at home from the Baz in the third inning that knocked Baz out of the game. The Grand Slam was one of three hits the Arrows had against the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday afternoon.

Arraez is a strange fantasy player. It is valuable in the hit average and end OPS, posting 367 and .893 marks in those categories, respectively. On the other hand, he is lacking in stats, having only three home runs and two stolen bases in 51 games and 207 games. Arraez is listed among 80% of Yahoo’s associations and 87% of ESPN’s associations, so he is not a broad candidate or FAAB candidate. But, if he’s available, he’s worth it for the average alone, even if that’s all he’d give the fantasy team.

Christian Bethancourt (oak): 3-5, HR, 2R, 2RBI.

While the Angels’ 14-game losing streak generated all the media attention, A quietly had a 10-game winning streak in a row. They cut it last night against the Guard, with Bethancourt being the main reason for that. The 30-year-old first hit Oakland hit three, two RBI, and hit home in the ninth inning sealed a deal for the struggling athletics club. Bethancourt wasn’t expected to make much of an impact early in the season, having appeared on just 123 billboards this year. However, it hit 0.391 in June, and it appears to have been established in this lineup for at least a good while. Bethancourt is listed in only one percent of Yahoo’s associations and less than one percent of ESPN’s associations, so it’s a useful waiver, or FAAB.

Nelson Cruz (WSH): 2-4, 2B, HR, R, 3 RBI.

Back in April, 41-year-old Cruz seemed to be done. On his 96-board debut, Cruz was hitting .15 with an OPS of .479 and only two home runs. The plank system was still there, walking 11 times and hitting only 17 times. But at first it seemed like the deadly ball and new environments were having an effect on Cruz’s strength and production.

Since April, Cruz has regained shape. He improved his hit rate to .318 in May and hit .412 so far in June. He’s had five home runs and 24 RBIs over the past two months, and he added to those Saturday totals against the Brewers with a ground run and three RBIs.

The Nationals might be a losing cause in the division, but Cruz’s season isn’t, even though it looks like it will be after his first month in play. Cruz’s father’s time will come at some point. It won’t just be this season.

Julio Rodriguez (Sea): 2-5, HR, 2R, 2RBI.

The prospect of Uber in Seattle continues to fascinate and excite, even if the Mariners have been disappointing overall as a team this season. Rodríguez scores .267 with .756 OPS over 242 board appearances. He also hit eight home runs, including one on Saturday night against Boston. Rodriguez was a hit, scoring a 29.3 percent K. However, the power and speed tools were as good as advertised. He ranks 95th in top hitter exit speed and 98 percent in sprint speed, which is a big reason why he made 17 stole bases this year.

Khalil Lee (NYM): 1-1, HR, R, 3 RBI.

The Mets just called up Lee and only appeared for the second time this season in a major loss to the Angels. Lee made the most of his lone racket, making three rounds at home from Los Angeles. Oliver Ortega In the ninth inning. The Mets acquired Lee last season in a three-way deal between Andrew Benentende-Franchi Cordero with Kansas City and Boston. He’s been disappointed though, at a major league level, reaching 0.056 in 18 games in 2021.

It’s a crowded New York yard, so chances won’t be many for me. However, it would be interesting for my first home MLB run to be his springboard, even if it’s a minor one.

Jake Burger (CWS): 2-5, HR, R, 2 RBI.

After posting ho-Hum averages in April (.241) and May (.231), Burger was in turmoil in June. He did the .406 with an OPS of 1,395 in 35 plate appearances this month, which includes four home runs and nine RBI. For this year, the burger yields a barrel price of 16 percent, which puts it at 93 percent in that category. Unfortunately, his gauntlet has been a major hindrance to him having a more consistent playing time, as he currently ranks in the bottom 9th percentile above average, according to Savant. but with Yun Moncada Struggling hard (average .133; .390 OPS), Tony La Russa may continue to stick a burger in the lineup, especially since La Russa appears to be in the hot seat after a disappointing season in Chicago so far.

Madeleine Rochman (pal): 3-4, 2 2b, 2t.

There was much anticipation for Rutschman’s debut, but like many beginners, he struggled to adjust to the Majors, especially on the board. Going into Saturday’s game against the Royal Family, he was hitting just 0.13 with an OPS of 0.451. However, today’s three-stroke, including my doubles, boosted its numbers to .190 and .547 in those mid- and OPS categories, respectively. The power wasn’t quite there yet for Rutschman at the MLB level, as he posts a barrel rate of just 2.1 percent. But then again, he only has 69 board appearances, so he doesn’t have a massive specimen of bats under his belt.

It has certainly been a disappointment so far for fantasy directors who invested heavily in Rutschman in their drafts. However, the Orioles are in last place in the Middle East and they are clearly rebuilding. Rochman will get his chances at the top, and hopefully the fantasy directors will start noticing a slight increase in his strength metrics in the coming weeks.

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