DC Jaguar Mike Caldwell: We see Travon Walker as a force at full-back

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When Travon Walker was playing for Georgia, he played several positions and was never discussed as a potential first overall pick in the NFL draft. But the Jaguars have decided to make it exactly that, and believe they know exactly where he can play to be a standout product in their defensive scheme.

Jaguar’s defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell said Walker could be a great outside full-back.

Caldwell said via Florida Times Union. “This is an excellent position in this defence. He can play other positions, but his home for us is an outside full-back, where we see him as a strength. We will try to form him and let him take off and go.”

Caldwell notes that Walker is old enough that he played defensive tackle for part of his college career, but fast enough to play quarterback.

“You think about the size — its length, its weight, its speed — it’s like a rhino,” Caldwell said. “He’s unique. He plays that way and you see that on the tape. You see the explosion, you see the speed, you see the movements he made. We’re excited about him, and I think he’ll be willing to step in.”

Jaguars are in dire need of a talent upgrade, and they think they’ve got an important promotion.

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