Josh Donaldson will provide commentary for Jackie Robinson’s commentary for Tim Anderson

New York – Josh Donaldson suspension For a comment he made to White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson last month endorsed by Major League Baseball, According to the Associated Press.

Donaldson, who referred to Anderson as “Jackie” [Robinson]During a Yankees-White Sox game at Yankee Stadium, his ban will serve one game on Tuesday. After hearing Donaldson’s appeal, MLB Special Counsel John McHale upheld the suspension, lowering the third base officer’s fine to $5,000, the Associated Press reported.

Donadson’s controversial remark sparked a Mode clearing seats During the match on May 21. Later, the veteran presented his side of the story, claiming that it is Flirting Referring to an interview Anderson gave Sports Illustrated in 2019, when the star called himself “Today’s Jackie Robinson.”

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