Nations League: Gareth Southgate and England need a convincing win over Hungary

Harry Kane (right) has scored a third of England’s goals (12 out of 36) in the last 12 games, followed by Harry Maguire and Bukayo Saka on the list with three goals each.

England went from being fueled by the good will of the nation to hearing the fires of exasperation and conservatism in 12 months.

This time last year, Gareth Southgate’s England opened the postponed Euro 2020 finals with a victory over Croatia at Wembley before hitting a wave of jubilation with their first major final in 55 years, painfully losing on penalties to Italy.

Fast forward to this day, England live in a rather stressful environment, with players and fans perhaps both experiencing football fatigue and Southgate’s squad under scrutiny amid fears they are not starting out as hoped.

The background to that grumble have been three visibly disappointing performances in their UEFA Nations League campaign so far, starting with the defeat in Hungary, a point Harry Kane saved from a late penalty in Germany before negative tie In the “behind closed doors” match against Italy in Molino on Saturday.

No goals from open play. Few are precious in terms of inspiration, excitement, or energy. England lacked any sort of ‘X Factor’.

That is why Southgate and England need a win, preferably a convincing one, when fans flock to fill in Molyneux for the second leg with Hungary on Tuesday.

The Football Association is also hopeful that the match will pass without incident after a checkered history of fan behavior in recent matches between the two countries.

England’s opening Nations League match in Budapest was marred by some Hungarian fans booing visiting players who sustained a knee injury.

These fans numbered more than 20,000 in total as they exploited a loophole in UEFA regulations that allowed children accompanied by adults to attend what was supposed to be a game behind closed doors as punishment for racist and homosexual behavior during Euro 20202.

The boos came after the events of September last year when Hungarian fans were allowed to attend the World Cup qualifiers in Budapest because the match was under the authority of FIFA. England players were subjected to racist abuse, which led to the closure of the Hungarian stadium for two matches, with one match suspended.

The following month, Hungary fans clashed with police at Wembley and then booed their knees, which resulted in their fans being banned by FIFA from the country’s next match, against Poland, as a result.

“England is still very dependent on Kane”

Context must be applied to the present situation when assessing the current situation of Southgate and England.

Despite all attempts to add a competitive shine to their Nations League matches, England’s players looked tired, and in some cases exhausted, at the end of a grueling season.

There is so much they can offer and many of the tanks seem empty. Even the most discerning and dedicated professional can be forgiven for glancing at the beach, if only for a second.

This means that Southgate has to manage the minutes and starting formations. It shouldn’t be a huge shock that the legs looked leaden.

The result of the previous two is not catastrophic.

However, it is inevitable that three games away from England’s World Cup opener against Iran in Qatar doesn’t look like the team that will send the likes of Brazil and France for coverage in November.

England remain highly reliant on Captain Kane as an offensive threat and Manchester United captain Harry Maguire, who remains a staple of Southgate at the heart of defence, should hope to regain semblance of form with his club at the start of next season.

If Southgate is heading towards using a one-way quad, Maguire and John Stones will likely be his preferred pairing. And there will be frustration that Manchester City’s Phil Foden, potentially a rich source of creativity, has been kept out of Nations League matches due to Covid.

Since losing to Italy in the Euro 2020 final, England have played 12 matches. They won seven, drew four and lost one. They scored 36 goals and conceded five, although that includes 20 goals in three games against Andorra, San Marino and Albania, skews that statistic.

On the surface very decent record. Scratch below and issues that need to be addressed.

Kane scored exactly a third of those goals, followed by 12 on the list with Maguire and Bukayo Saka coming in with three. This is totally a bug.

Roma’s Tammy Abraham hasn’t taken his big change to put himself in the picture as Kane’s natural deputy on the way to the Italian draw, leaving the door open for Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin to reignite his World Cup aspirations if he stays fit early next season. .

Manchester United duo Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho will focus on Qatar but they clearly have a lot to make up for, as Southgate said: “They have a lot to do to get back into the squad.”

Southgate himself hasn’t been immune to criticism of England’s perceived conservative style in recent times, not exactly a cry but certainly more than a whisper.

He is aware of the scrutiny of England’s approach, although he added that he received a lot of pats on the back and understands why the fee-paying client would want to see the likes of Saka, Foden and Jack Grealish in the squad.

Southgate takes on the task of balancing rather than fulfilling football fantasies, but there is no doubt that England have looked, at best, like a masterful figure in these three games.

This discussion led to Southgate’s intriguing comment that he “won’t be long before me”, despite his contract until December 2024 and England will be one of the favorites for the World Cup in Qatar.

This still looked like an international break for England struggling to move forward, which offered more questions than answers about their current situation and direction – in part because these have, at times, felt like matches too far for players running in fumes.

England could change the mood and focus with their first win of this Nations League season, beating Hungary to end the season with at least a small sample of the feel-good factor that accompanied them a year ago.

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