New York Giants Injuries Concern General Manager Joe Schoen

It was the first whirlwind of its kind for New York Giants General Manager Joe Schoen. He arrived in East Rutherford with a long checklist and had yet to put it down.

However, with the team approaching the summer break, Schwinn will soon have a moment to catch his breath. The rookies will be leaving at the weekend and will continue until bootcamp in late July.

For the most part, Schwinn has accomplished his off-season duties. But as he looks forward, one thing still bothers him – the team’s abundance of injured players.

“We’ve had quite a few injuries where a lot of these guys were just knocked out or we didn’t want to push them too hard because we didn’t play until September – I saw them on the field,” said Schoen. Irish NFL Show. “Whether it’s Kenny Goladay or Tony Cadarius or Sterling Shepard and Blake Martinez…there are some really good players in this league and I haven’t seen them much this spring.

“I can’t wait to see…hopefully – wood roads – we can get 90 guys in there ready to go in late July when we first come back. There are some guys I haven’t been with and haven’t seen doing much this spring because they got injured.”

Schoen noted that there was an added advantage that none of the rookies entered the team and fell.

“Sometimes after drafts you see a guy and you’re like, ‘Eh. This isn’t really what I thought it would be. “There haven’t been any of those great moments this year,” Schoen said. “Everyone looks kind of as advertised.”

However, Schwinn regrets the blows and scrapes.

Health has always been a long-standing issue for giants. Since 2009, they are the most injured team in the league and this includes several general managers, head coaches and medical staff.

Schwinn and coach Brian Daboll have vowed to research the team’s recent injury history and find the cause and eradicate it. But here in mid-June, they still haven’t accomplished that mission and anxiety is starting to creep in.

“Seeing everyone healthy and playing together is what I look forward to the most,” Schwinn said.

Giants fans can relate.

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