No. 11 Choosing a potential client, Johnny Davis

Johnny Davis is a complete wild card heading into the 2022 NBA Draft, where he can go from sixth overall into his mid-teens. If he drops to 11th, the New York Knicks will have to have a top player to pass the Wisconsin winger.

With good height, great scoring ability and always-important versatility, Davis is a player every Knicks fan out there should be watching, as he fits the mold of what this team is looking for going forward.

Throughout the draft process, many players rise and fall before nightfall, and Davis is a name to watch as a top player. Like other players who might want New York, there’s a good chance that the organization should make a move to take it over.

How does Johnny Davis fit into the New York Knicks?

Davis fits exactly what this young Knicks want from any player, as he is a wired, strong, athletic young winger and most of all an aggressive young winger. He put in nearly 20 points per game in his second season in Wisconsin, making him the perfect addition to the suite of wings that New York is developing.

If the Knicks are satisfied with Emmanuel Quikley and Derek Rose running the points guard throughout the 2022-23 season, Davis, a potential player or player off the bench (in favor of Quentin Grimes or Evan Fournier), would be an almost perfect fit for that squad.

The only thing New York did when they succeeded in 2021-22 was play hard with energy, and it came mainly from guys like Barrett, Quickli, and Obi Tobin. If Davis is chosen to join this core, he will embody everything that these guys show on the court.

Like all the other young names, Davis has the talent for hitting the free throw line. If he can be confident of drawing contact and defeating all three at the next level, the Knicks will be confident in whatever lineup and any player they put on the field in 2022-23.

Will Johnny Davis be available at the 11th Knicks Project?

This draft went from one where the first round was fairly easy to predict, to nothing but guesswork at this point, as some of the different drafts have players being drafted with a set of 10 selections. But Davis appears to be holding his ground in the 9-12 range.

Fortunately, if New York didn’t trade up or down the draft, that would be the exact spot the team would pick. By all accounts, the organization appears to be a huge fan of Davis, and they should definitely have a chance to enlist him on June 23 if that’s what they want to do.

Would the Knicks draft Johnny Davis if he was on the board in 11th?

It’s no secret that the Knicks’ front office really covets Jaden Ivey for the upcoming draft, but if they can’t work out a deal with Sacramento for the No. 4 pick overall, they’ll still be 11th and pick the best player available. If that’s Davis, New York could probably be happy, as Mark Berman recently confirmed that the front office has a keen interest in the young winger.

If the Knicks can seal that deal with a young core of Barrett, Grimes, Reddish and Davis, it will be hard to argue against her being one of the best in the league. While Barrett is the obvious star and everyone can contribute, Davis could be the next big star in this group.

With the ability to shoot at all levels, great athletic performance, and most importantly intensity and energy, this could be one of the best shots in the draft. If coach Tom Thibodeau can commit to the youth the way the New York Rangers did, this team could be ready to step into the watershed picture for years to come.

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