Reds’ Nick Ludlow begins his rehab job on Monday

The Cincinnati Reds have been without left bowler Nick Ludlow since late April. On his 24th start, he felt something in his back, but he survived through it. After the start, though, he didn’t bounce back as he had expected, and was put on the injury list with a strain at the right side/lower right back.

Lefty will be making his way back tomorrow night. Ludlow will join the Arizona Complex League Reds to begin his first rehab, and if he does it in good health, he will move to Triple-A Louisville and join the Bats to continue his rehab from there. The Bats will be in Durham for this start, so if you’re in the North Carolina area, it might be worth making this trip.

Prior to the injury, Nick Ludlow had only started three times with Cincinnati. There were mixed results there. Overall it was 1-2 with a 5.52 ERA in 14.2 innings where he allowed 18 hits, 3 home runs, walked 5 strokes, and had 19 strikes all the way. His first major league appearance saw him allow 5 games in Cincinnati against Cleveland in 4.0 innings where he walked 3 hits and lost 2 games. In the next two starts he threw 10.2 innings and allowed 4 runs, only 2 walks, gave up 1 walk at home, hit 15.

The Reds’ current rotation includes Luis Castillo, Tyler Mahley, Hunter Green, Graham Ashcraft and Mike Minor. How this is implemented if and when Lodolo is ready to return is a question that has an answer at the moment. There is plenty of time between now and when that decision must be made and a large number of things can happen in between that might make the decision for them.

The decision seems clear from 10,000 feet: Find something else to do with Mike Minor, who’s not as part of the future as Greene, Ashcraft or Lodolo, and not a candidate for extension or a potentially large commercial segment like Castillo or Mahley.

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