This will be an introductory chapter to talk about

Bigger thighs, Eric Hayden or A.J. Dillon?

Tough call. Perhaps somewhat comparable. relatively? Definitely Hayden. His age was 6-1, 185. Dillon is 6ft 247.

What interests you most in the beginner class of the pack this year?

These three were among the first 34 players selected overall. If all three can live up to this draft status, it will be a draft class to talk about for years and years to come.

Catching up after a nice few days at the beach in MI, I noticed the Packers franchise deserved. Can a franchise be sold? If so, who gets the money? I save my coins to buy packers, this is the only way I will get an answer to any question.

Ha, despair knows no bounds. If the franchise is ever sold (I have no idea what this process might entail), the proceeds will go to the Green Bay Packers Corporation, according to how the Articles of Association was amended in 1997.

Yoop from Iron Mountain, MI

One of the things I look for with my 2nd/3rd year players is to see the physical changes in their bodies. Aaron Jones would be single and Brian Bulaga was very dramatic in his sophomore year. Amary Rodgers wrote about it this year. Is there any player that has made this kind of change and has stood out to you over the years?

Daryn Colledge, Desmond Bishop, David Bakhtiari and Blake Martinez are a few that come to mind when I glance at my last 15 years or so of renovation classes. Raven Green would be an unpolished player and I remember he fits that bill as well.

Ryan from Noblesville, IN

There was an article on the 15 best players from the 2019 draft on the Packers list, Rashan Gary and Jenkins. I know there’s no laughing matter but I’m always happy with the choices the Packers make. Are we lucky or spoiled?

A bit of both, right? Gary is a classic example of Scouting doing their job and forecasting correctly. A draft expert told me about a month before the ’19 Draft (when I had no idea the Packers were interested in him), Gary was a first-round prospect in that class with a “bust written all over him.” So, go to the figure. With Jenkins, as talented as it turns out, you have to be a bit lucky that he’s still on the board at pick number 44.

Keith from Bakersfield, California

Teams use radios inside the helmet to transmit plays from one coach to one player on the field. It would be interesting to put two-way radios in all helmets and leave communications all the time. Players and coaches can talk throughout the play. Make podcasts available for TV broadcasts to give fans a real inside look at what’s happening. It’s no better than laser goal posts but maybe more feasible?

I could see communication going both ways at some point, but there are clear and reasonable competitive reasons for closing connections when they are.

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