Three keys to creating a new defense corps

The next two seasons of rebuilding the Detroit Red Wings depended largely on the development of the defensive corps.

The Detroit Red Wings defensive arm is a big reason why it hasn’t worked out in the past two seasons. Frosting one first pair and five quality defenders out of three pairs (square press or AHL) each night is not a winning formula. To say the least, conceding 310 goals against (31 in the league) is less than ideal. Goalkeepers can withstand pressure for a long time before collapsing as we saw with Alex Nedelkovic in February and March this season.

The delicate center depth could only turn back to cover defensive lapses for a long time before they eroded too. Equally important, the players of the blue Red Wings scored only 20 goals (32nd place in the league). The fully discussed secondary registration issue was not due to the 2nd and 3rd front lines, but the nearly zero production of the Defenders. Goal direction, midfielder play and secondary scoring will improve dramatically with a new talented and dynamic defense team.

Improved defensive systems and breakouts from the new coaching staff may overcome some problems, but not enough. Taking the lead, making play, and puck-possessing defensemen were incompatible with Jeff Blachel’s low-event hockey game. However, the talent was not available to operate any other technique. In the big teams, the defense drives the bus. This year’s defense embodiment has the ability to push play, start rather than respond, make decisions, play with composure and take the pressure off a shaky scoring depth. help is on the way. Can.

Here are three keys to rebuilding the defense.

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