Which Detroit Lions player needs a good bootcamp?

Training camp is important to every player, albeit for different reasons. For the veteran, this could be a chance to get back into the swing of things as another NFL season approaches. For the uninitiated, this might be their taste for professional football so far. For starters, it might be time to settle in with the new and old faces. For those fighting for a place on the list, it can make or break their career.

There is no shortage of fun stories and questions from the camp. Whether you’re looking for who will take the next step in 2022 or who will emerge as a team captain, those journeys start with a training camp. And just as with a good breakfast to start the day off, a good bootcamp can set the stage for a successful season.

The Detroit Lions have no shortage of players who need to make an impact in training camp. For some players, the difference between a good or bad bootcamp can mean getting started or getting ready. With the team eventually having to reduce the number of players to 53 players, the training camp and pre-season preparation will be deciding factors for who will remain.

In a perfect world, every player would have an excellent training camp. But in reality, some players need a good training camp more than others. We’d like Jared Goff to have a great boot camp, but there’s no fundamental way his primary role is usurped, no matter how he performs before September. On the other end of the spectrum, multiple rookies need to flash early and often to make up the team. If they follow in the footsteps of A.J. Parker and Jerry Jacobs, they could also earn a notable role.

Today’s question is:

Which player needs a good training camp?

My answer: I think Logan Stenberg needs a good camp.

Get an early look at Pride of Detroit’s Bubble Watch series – stay tuned! – But of all the players in the roster bubble, none stood out like Stenberg. Stenberg was selected in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, and has played a total of 26 shots, all on special teams. Jonah Jackson, a fellow goalkeeper who drafted a tour earlier by Detroit, started all but one of the games as a pro with a Pro Bowl nod to boot.

It’s not fair to compare Stenberg to Jackson so closely – Stenberg was always seen as a project, while Jackson was ready to pro – but it does illustrate the disappointing start to Stenberg’s career. When it looked like he might land a role in 2021, the injury ended his season in October.

Thanks to a stellar display from quarterback/guard Evan Brown and plenty of promises from unpolished guard Tommy Kramer, Stenberg faces stiff competition heading into 2022 – and that doesn’t even include unencumbered starters Kevin Jarvis and Zayn Obaid. For the most potential Stenberg has, he needs to show it on the field.

The inner offensive line battle will be one worth watching in training camp. Stenberg appears to have the best place to reserve guard at the moment, but that could easily change in the coming weeks.

Which player in particular needs to shine in training camp?

Your turn.

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