10 Chicago Bears from 2021 may be cut this summer

Of the 90-man Chicago Bears roster that were at training camp last summer, 33 names are still on the team. Among them, there will be a few to be cut as the team fills the roster of 53 players and 16 players on the coaching squad.

Ryan Poles will continue to want to build the team from his point of view, and that means favoring the players he brought from the remnants of the Ryan Pace era. Who are some of the players who might advance after the summer?

10. Kindle Feldor

From the starting point to cut? This wouldn’t be the only beginner under Ryan Pace who would struggle to find a job. The Bears gave Kindle Vildor a chance last season, mainly because their first pick for Desmond Trufant didn’t work out.

Feldur was not in a good position, but he struggled hard. Of the 110 eligible players last season, he was the worst on several key metrics.

The Chicago Bears obviously knew they wouldn’t be able to start next season. However, with Kyler Gordon and Jaylon Johnson in first and second, Tavon Young, and Thomas Graham in places three and four, there were only one or two spots to compete for.

Greg Strowman, Bobby Keys, Lamar Jackson and Ally Green are players associated with Ryan Poles and they could all be at the bottom of the list if they prove it on special teams. Stroman had a start when healthy. With Duke Shelley in the mix too, it’s not a Kindle Vildor lock to create the menu and could be one of Ryan Pace’s next leftovers to see the door.

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