Barry Trotz Offer Free Beer to Winnipeg Jets Training

The Winnipeg brewery will provide free beer – for life – for Barry Trotz if he comes home to train the Jets.

The NHL team has been looking for a coach for months and now the locals are gathering to join the cause. On Monday, the Little Brown Jug Brewing Company and the local sports talk show “Winnipeg Sports Talk” joined forces to present the show to Trotz. The former New York Islanders coach has been available for a month since the team spectacularly fired him.

“In the event it gets to the wire and Winnipeg needs a local, we at Winnipeg Sports Talk are here to act as shutters with a special show for Barry Trotz,” Andrew “Hustler” Paterson In a video message posted on social media. “Barry, I know there are a lot of teams that will love you as their new head on the bench, but we want you to come back to your home province of Manitoba to change our squad.

“To show you how serious we are, we have the following offer for you: After consulting with our friends at Little Brown Jug…we are ready to offer you free beer for life if you become the Technical Director of Winnipeg Jets. Your beer fridge will be stored forever.”

Little Brown Jug also vowed to brew a new beer of Trotz’s choice if he chose to train the Jets.

The idea came from a living room conversation between brewery founder Kevin Felch and office manager and liaison James Hoover.

“I thought it would be a little fun initiative,” Hoover told The Associated Press. “We thought people would get out of it and who knows, maybe the coach might get here.”

The 59-year-old Trotz grew up from Dauphin, Manitoba, which is a few hours away from Winnipeg.

Barry Trotz

Trotz has a reputation for himself, having coached the Washington Capitals for the Stanley Cup in 2018, and is the third all-time coach winning behind Joel Quinville and Scotty Bowman. The Jets, who missed the playoffs after coach Paul Morris retired mid-season, is among several teams that see Trotz as the first choice. Vegas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and Boston all need a new coach.

Hoover doesn’t expect his show to influence Trotz’s decision, but he does hope it shows how passionate he is about airplanes.

“It kind of reminds me, in the ’90s, of how kids were opening their tubs to try to keep airplanes here,” he said. “But it kind of shows our passion for sports teams and our willingness to try to do everything we can to make an impact on things.”

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