Brandon Crawford makes royals pay for rare competition since the 2014 World Championships

SAN FRANCISCO – With music streaming from the Giants Club late Monday night, a group of eight kids waited patiently outside. They all wore T-shirts tying them to Brandon Crawford – four of the kids were his – and stood in the hall presenting gifts to the players and coaches of the Giants until the short player finished his post-game television interview and climbed the hidden steps.

Crawford immediately plunged into a group hug that provided another reminder of how long he had spent doing so. The 35-year-old has a large and extended family now, but he’s still in the middle of a lot of what the Giants do, just as he was during the more popular series Among the Giants and the Kansas City Royals.

When they visited eight years ago, Crawford was the starting point for the Giants and fisherman Salvador Perez was one of the stars of Kansas City. On Monday, the last two were steadfast. Well kind of.

When he talked about playing Perez all these years after that, Crawford was pointed out that there is another one from 2014 who is still a giant.

“From?” He said with a laugh and peeked in the direction of Brandon Pelt’s injured locker.

That’s one more thing that hasn’t changed here since 2014. Crawford was flirting with Bilt at the time and still does whenever he gets the chance. He’s still a big comer for the giants, too.

It was a slow start to season 12 for Crawford, but he took the biggest hit in a 6-2 win over the Royals that extended the winning streak to four games. The Giants drew the season’s highest nine walks but had a hard time pushing them into the seventh, when Crawford doubled right to bring in Darren Rove and Austin Slater, both of whom walked.

Doubles has turned a one-round game into a three-round game, which was plenty considering how good Bullpen has been in recent days. It also made up for an earlier missed opportunity.

The Royals’ Brady Singer has only walked four men in his previous eight games this year, but after Austin Wiens doubled by two for third, Singer completely lost control of the strike zone. Not only did he walk with the giants, he sprinkled the ball around.

Four giants tied in a row and tied 2-2. Crawford came up with bases loaded and knew Singer had lost contact with the attacking area. But he also knew he couldn’t count on walking. He swung at 2-1 which would have been a low shot and lined up to the middle.

“You want to maintain your aggressiveness but you also want to swing the punches,” he said. “At that bat, early in the game when he’s walking with a few guys, I don’t necessarily want to go up there and take the courts and just assume he’s going to walk with me, because I’m not a good batsman that way. But you still want to make sure you see a good show. to hit him too.”

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Crawford finished seventh. Arodys Vizcaino lifted a fastball at 97 mph and Crawford pulled it down the line, scoring both runners. The hit was one of only five for the Giants, but they pulled out nine walks and hit a pitch. Four infantry hitters came to score against the royals’ firing squad who lead the Majors in free passes.

The Royals that the Giants saw in 2014 had a solid staff that was in the bottom third of the major competitions. But times have changed on both sides, with the exception of the veteran still wearing royal blue, and the home shorts still helping the Giants win matches.

“I love Salvador, so it’s fun to see him because we don’t play with him that much,” Crawford said. “That was eight years ago now. I think it’s amazing in a way, but it’s kind of like baseball. There’s a lot of movement with players and teams.”

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