If the Yankees don’t win the world championship, it will be a ‘devastating blow’

The Yankees did not receive a medal for their attempt this year. Not after this start.

“If they don’t play in the world championships this year, it will be a devastating blow,” Mike Frances said in his latest BetRivers podcast.

“They, with this performance, have pushed all their cards to the middle of the table. They have to make it to the world championships this year. If they don’t, when will they get there?”

The Bronx Bombers enter 44-16 on Tuesday. They have the best record in baseball by six games in the loss column (the Mets have the second best record at 40-22). The Yankees are also eight games ahead of the Blue Jays at the top of the Eastern Conference. They travel into the post-season “on a magic carpet ride,” in the words of Frances.

“They play over 700 baseball. They dominate. They hit Homer two for every Homer surrender. The WFAN legend said their running difference is astronomical.” They are, by a huge margin of performance, the best team in baseball. But it doesn’t matter if they can’t reach the world championship and win it. So what do they have to do to do that? “

Francesa said the Yankees’ focus the rest of the way should be on changes that will give them a better chance in October. The big guy didn’t go into details, but he gave hints in the past. Throwing Joey Gallo is definitely at the top of his list, and they clearly need outside help.

General Manager Brian Cashman could also look for an addition to the Bulls game, and possibly an upgrade in the catcher as well. It helps the Yankees that they are on the cusp of a season stress test. All of their next 13 matches come against the Astros, Blue Jays, and Rays. This may reveal some deficiencies that need to be addressed.

“There’s only one question,” Frances said. Are we set up to reach the world championship? “

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