NHL Mock Roundup: You’ll probably pick the Red Wings ahead

Defense was the main issue for the Detroit Red Wings in 2021-22, but it may not be a huge concern going forward, with senior youth defenders Moritz Ceder and Simon Edvinson cementing the blue streak for the foreseeable future.

Goal scoring and skill will be at the forefront of the most pressing concerns in the coming years. That could prompt general manager Steve Yzerman to pick a striker with the No. 8 pick in this year’s draft, which is less than a month away (July 7-8 at the Bell Center in Montreal).

This is the sixth year in a row that the Red Wings will pick in the top ten – all selections were between 4 and 9.

In addition to Ceder, who could win the Calder Cup as the NHL rookie on June 21, and Edvinson, who could jump from Sweden to Detroit’s top four in defense next season, the Red Wings have a good stable of young defensive players in the system ( Jared McKissack, Donovan Cibrango, William Wallander, Albert Johansson, Anti-Tomisto and Boom tea).

They are not nearly as deep in the foreground in their system. Jonatan Berggren, coming from a solid rookie season at Grand Rapids, has a good chance of making the NHL in 2022-23, but no other striker looks close.

2022 ranked up front, with Shane Wright the unanimous choice to go No. 1 to the Montreal Canadiens and Finnish winger Juraj Slavkowski not far from the rankings.

Red Wings can have many talented positions or wings to choose from in the eighth position.

Here’s a look at the players the Red Wings are expected to pick in some of the early mock drafts:

NHL.com: Jonathan Likremäki, right wing, Djurgården (Sweden)

Red Wings Adam Kimmelman and Mike Moriale plan to pick this sniper who has led all players with 15 points (including five goals) in six matches at this year’s World Youth Championships for gold-medal-winning Sweden. He dominated the J-20 League with 20 goals and 35 points in 26 matches, and moved up to the top men’s league, scoring seven goals and making two in 26 matches.

Kimelman said Lekkerimaki “has an NHL-caliber shot, with a one-timer and wrist shot that he can use to pick up corners. He’s an excellent skater with good offensive instincts. The future top streak with Lekkerimaki on one wing and Lucas Raymond on the other has a chance of being very intimidating to opposing teams.” .

Moriali added: “A pure sniper plays in two directions with good hands and explodes.”

hockey news: Matt Savoy, C, Winnipeg (WHL)

He’s small (5-9, 179) but is perhaps considered the fastest skater in the draft, with a powerful shot and a high competitive level. He scored 35 goals and 90 points in 65 matches.

Ryan Kennedy writes: “Savoy is a highly skilled pivotal guy who struggles hard, even though he’s not the biggest kid on the ice. Now, these guys tend to get punished early in the draft, but if anyone breaks the creed, it’s Stevie Way. Savoy. He will give the Wings a powerful 1-2 goal along with veteran Dylan Larkin.

Sportscent: Joachim Kimmel, right wing, Pelicans (Finland)

Kimmel is a strong skater and playmaker described as having a good sense of hockey, and he led the juniors with 15 goals as a 17-year-old in the men’s league in Finland despite missing a month with a shoulder injury.

Sam Cosentino writes:The inconsistency that mostly forced him with an upper body injury mid-season forced him down the roster and Steve Yserman discovered another gem as a result.”

athlete: Marco Kasper, C, Rogle BK (Sweden)

Corey Bronman expects Detroit to pick Moritz Cider’s teammate during part of the 2020-21 season in the SHL.

“Detroit’s need for a position is well documented and Casper looks like a potential top-two streak position whose stock is rising after the world championships,” Bronman wrote.

TSN: Jimmy Singerod, right winger, US National Team Development Program

Craig Button predicted that the Red Wings would take Snuggerud, a top scorer who plays a two-way match and has a high hockey IQ. Some believe that he can move to the center.

Draftutopia.com: Kimmel

Chris Ramson wrote: “Detroit is going to value by drafting Joachim Kemell, who came this season as a second-line right-winger behind Brad Lambert before beating Lambert as a first-line right-winger at JYP. Kemell enjoys playmaking, sniping, Passing, Wrist Shot, Wrist Shot Accuracy, Slap Shot Power, Slap Shot Accuracy, Offensive Awareness, Hockey IQ, Speed, Skate, Agility, Stick Handling, ability to win a fight. The elite can do whatever you want the right winger to do from the first line on the bar, but he needs to improve his defensive awareness.”

MyNHLDraft.com: Kimmel

Tankathon.com: lycreamaki

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