Oklahoma sweeps Texas in dominant fashion to win back-to-back WCWS National titles

After defeating Texas 16-1 in the first game, Oklahoma followed up with another dominant victory. The Sooners used a massive fifth inning to beat the Texans and secure back-to-back WCWS National titles after winning Game 2, 10-5.

It was an early defensive battle as both teams came out of congestion throughout the night – until the game’s opener with a fifth-half lead. Oklahoma would break the tie 2-2 with a rally of 2 that featured an RBI double from Alyssa Britto and three runs from Kinzie Hansen. From there, the Sooners really stepped up on the gas with a six-stroke four-stroke that featured a sacrifice fly that scored Tiare Jennings and Homer a three-stroke from Grace Lyons.

Texas closed the gap a bit in the bottom of the seventh inning, as Mia Scott hit Homer in three to shorten the OU’s lead to five runs, but that wasn’t enough for the Longhorns.

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Despite Oklahoma’s dominance late in the game, it was Texans that took a quick lead in the first half, with two runners scoring as fly-bys – Janie Jefferson and Mia Scott. Oklahoma’s attack responded in the third inning when Alyssa Britto scored a goal from second base on a throwback error from Texas Mia Scott. Next, Tylon Snow will hit Kinsey Hanson in the next play.

In Game 1, the Sooners set a WCWS record with six home runs, including two by home record holder Jocelyn Allo. Entering Game 2, Alo had more runs (five) than competitors (four) in WCWS. Although Alo was a competition smash throughout the WCWS cycle, she remained relatively calm in Game 2 – being 1 vs 3 with one walk and one walk.

However, Alo’s struggles on the board didn’t slow the Sooners down, as they extended their lead over opponents to 64-19 during the WCWS 2022 Championship. These 64 runs set a new record in WCWS history. This is Oklahoma’s second consecutive national title and sixth all-time.

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