Phillies will explore interior options before shopping for Bullpen’s help

Seven weeks from the trading deadline, Phillies’ most pressing need is also a familiar need.

Call all relief jugs.

In three of the last four seasons, the Phyllis have dealt with at least one loyalist on Deadline. Last year, they acquired Ian Kennedy; In 2020, they chose Brandon Workman, Heath Hembrey, David Hill and David Phelps; In 2018, the leftist was Aaron Loeb.

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This year’s market trade is still a few weeks away from taking shape, so the Phillies will continue to dig into their inside options — brace yourself for a few weeks of “As the Bullpen Churns” — before baseball chief operating officer Dave Dombrowski goes shopping.

First up: Michael Kelly.

Could Francisco Morales, Ryan Sharif, or even Mark Abel be far behind?

Phillies named struggling James Norwood on duty, recalled Kelly from third, and added him to his 40-man roster ahead of Monday night’s game against the Miami Marlins. A former first-round pick for the San Diego Padres, Kelly had a 5.00 ERA in 19 games but was cited by interim manager Rob Thompson for his strike rate. 33.75% of hitters (27 out of 80) in Lehigh Valley sniffed.

“He’s got a big fast ball – fast ball from the mid to high 90s – curve ball, the slider is really good,” Thompson said. “A lot of hits. There are some lanes in there, but we think there are some things we can do here to help him clear some of those lanes.”

He looks a bit like Norwood, a solid thrower who hit 22 in the 17⅓ round for the Phillies but also walked nine strokes and scored an 8.31 ERA. The Phillies have seven days to trade Norwood or put him into concessions. If he agrees, he can accept an express assignment for three times a.

Kelly will get what amounts to a one-week trial period. The Phillies holds 14 bowlers and they must meet the Major League Baseball deadline to reduce it to 13 by June 20.

“There were a lot of men in the conversation” to take Norwood’s place, Thompson said. Velez is still hoping Morales will play for the Bulls, but the massive right-handed 22-year-old has given up 12 walks in 8 innings and scored 6.48 ERAs in eight Triple A games after dominating the double. reading.

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Sheriff, who was not allowed to run in 10 games with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2020, started a minor league rehab job last week from a shoulder strain in spring training and will transition from Clearwater to Reading this week. But Thompson said “it will take time” before he is ready to join Velez. It also has options and can eventually be sent to number A.

Appel, who was the former first overall pick for the Houston Astros in 2013, has a 1.93 ERA in 15 Triple A appearances. Could he be embodied in the mix?

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“Hey, you never know,” Thompson said. “I think there are a lot of players playing.”

Then there is always the deadline for the trade. It’s fair to say that at least five teams in the National League (Reds, Nationals, Cubs, Pirates, Rockies) and four in MLS (Athletics, Royals, Tigers, Orioles) are already on sale. Others will surely join them, but with one extra team added per league, it could be a market for sellers.

The Phillies are well aware of the many painkillers that will be available, from Kennedy (Diamondbacks) to Rangers left-wing Matt Moore, and David Robertson of the Cubs. Is it possible to reunite with all of them? Perhaps Robertson, who has a 1.59 ERA with seven saves on nine chances and was signed by former Phillies general manager Matt Klintak.

First, though, the Phillies will look inside and see if they can find any help.

Nick Castellanos started 36 games in a row, all on the right court, and by his own admission, he didn’t feel comfortable on the plate. So, Thompson thought it was a good day to rest.

“He didn’t exactly say that to me, but I mean, I can feel it, you know?” Thomson said. “Because he’s a really good hitter. He didn’t ask for a day. I gave it to him.”

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Even with seven hits in the past week, Castellanos is hitting .202 (19 vs. 94) with two homeowners and 0.574 on base plus a slowdown percentage in the last 24 games.

The third baseman, Alec Bom, also got a break after starting 50 consecutive games.

Odúbel Herrera began in the place of Castellanos. Matt Ferling started his first major league game at third base, two days after playing second base for the first time ever.

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Closer Corey Knebel played flat-earth pick-up again on Monday after feeling a tight shoulder while warming up before the ninth inning on Saturday. The Velez believes that Nebel will avoid the list of infected people. … Velez reinstated catch Rafael Marchand from the 60-day hit list and his option for three times. Walter gave up a total of four runs in 13 rounds during his last two matches in the Triple Threat Championship. … Rhys Hoskins and his wife, Jayme, hosted a charity event Sunday night at the Yards Brewing Company and raised $113,495 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. …Zach Evelyn (2-4, 3.76 ERA), who is looking to bounce back from a tough start last week in Milwaukee, is set to play Tuesday night against Marlins left-hander Trevor Rogers (3-5, 5.58).

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