Rayson: June 14, 2022

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Cheer for depositors who are doing a great job, Valerian Steele, Filipejac, Isaac LX, Niropotblanco And the YoSnail

Game recognition game?

Chuamini posted this adorable drawing on Instagram after Monaco and Real Madrid reached an agreement. There is no doubt about his ability to greatness. We can only wish him good health in his career with Real Madrid.

Given that Real Madrid have six midfielders battling it out over three pole positions, is Judd Bellingham a significant signing? There is a dearth of tinkering options on the market. Should Real Madrid focus on talent accumulation or specific issues such as right-back and left-back, attacking midfielder or number 9?

I don’t know exactly what to do with this. Vallejo has three years left on his deal. Seems it would make more sense if he moved. As things stand, there won’t be any full back additions given how many defenders are already in the books. Odriozola will also return to the squad in pre-season.

About Tobias

There is a lot of hope that Vinicius Tobias will be a replacement for RB in the next couple of years as we expect Daniel Carvajal’s inconsistency to continue.

Brazil under 20

Baby has some fancy feet. With one of the legendary Brazilian stars out of the Bernabeu, he may be replaced by a potential Brazilian star on the other side. A man can dream.

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    Zinedine Zidane

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    Vicente del Bosque

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