Stanford Cardinal advances to second in a row at College World Championships by ousting Yukon Husky

Stanford, California – Cody Huff went 3-for-4, including a Grand Slam to reach the fourth inning by six runs, and the No. 2 national seed Stanford advanced to a second consecutive College World Series with a 10-5 victory over Ocon on Monday.

Stanford (47-16), who played her fifth playoff game in nine days to beat the Stanford Super Regional, will play Arkansas (43-19) on Saturday. UConn (50-16), who held a record for program wins, had been looking to make his CWS debut since 1979.

Homer Huff’s No. 13 of the season came after Ocon’s short-lived Brian Padilla fell back in what could have been the third of the fourth inning. Huff also had a double RBI in the first half, and Braden Montgomery scored from the start.

Stanford’s Tommy Troy added a fifth inning NCAA home run — after just two during the regular season. Troy went 4 vs 5 with two sets of runs and one RBI.

Ryan Bruno took his sixth win of the season, and Quinn Matthews his ninth save – both made three runs.

UConn scored three runs in the first half when Ben Hooper cleared the bases with a double. Stanford player Joey Dixon was pulled over, and mitigator Drew Dodd reduced the damage with a double play at the end. The cardinal answered the lower half with two rounds.

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