Texas A&M Aggies Reach College World Series After Beating Louisville, ‘Don’t Want To Slow Down’

Named the first team in this year’s College World Series, Texas A&M continued its hot run throughout the season by completing a Louisville sweep at College Station Super Regional Saturday. A&M, ranked No. 5 overall in the tournament, looks like a dangerous team under first-year Aggies head coach Jim Schlossnagle and possesses the SEC’s highest attack during the regular season.

“It’s a great day for Texas A&M,” Schusnagel said. “I want to congratulate Louisville on such an amazing year. What a great team. In my opinion, every team that got to this point is an Omaha team. It’s just a matter of whether the ball bounces the right way or the other. Just so excited for our players. To be where We were three or four months ago to sit here to get ready to hop on a plane and go to Omaha, I’m so proud of them.

“Everything I could think of, dream about, when taking that step – look again, it’s so general how much I love TCU, but it was such a wonderful life changer for me both personally and professionally. Players enough to make the baseball side of things It checks. We’re not done yet. Now we have to get some rest and get ready to go play more baseball.”

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After the win over Louisville, Schlossnagel spoke with reporters about the feeling of arriving in Omaha, the program’s quick turnaround and more. Below is a transcript of his comments, edited slightly for clarity and brevity.

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