World Championship-winning manager endorses former Yankees coach Phil Nevin as leader of the Angels

Bruce Bushey knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two.

The three-time world champion sees the winner in Phil Nevin.

Los Angeles Angels fired coach Joe Maddon last week and named Nevin, the former New York Yankees coach, as interim captain.

Bushy, who won titles with the San Francisco Giants, told the Orange County Register that Nevin is the man for the job. Boschi has known this since he appointed Nevin in 2017 as his third head coach.

“He’ll have an advantage, but it’s a good advantage,” Boschi said. “The kind of edge you need. This will stand out with him. … This guy has played everywhere: pitch, third base, first base, catcher. The bait helped him understand the idea of ​​promotion. He’s well rounded on the court, and it all helps him understand Best for all situations….He always paid attention to what was going on in the game.He was wondering why the opposing manager or I do certain things, so he would ask.He loved the game.This passion for management,this fire,is there for so long….I know How hard he works. I’m proud of him. I’m happy for him. He’ll do a great job.”

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Also giving Nevin a vote of confidence is Angels player Tyler Wade, who has been with the Yankees throughout Nevin’s New York tenure: “He’s going to be awesome. I think he’s been working on this for a very long time. He’s a great baseball mind. … He sees things he doesn’t see.” Most people “.

Since the replacement of Madonne, Nevin and the Angels 2-4.

And here’s a fun fact: According to the Orange County Registry, “Neven is the first player to be selected first overall in the draft and become a manager.” The Houston Astros picked Nevin with the #1 overall pick in 1992.

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