Amazon shoppers love this women’s tennis skirt

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There was a time when tennis skirts were reserved for the court, but now, they can be seen almost everywhere on everyone—regardless of the wearer’s athletic abilities—thanks to trendy sportswear brands turning the sporty look into stylish streetwear. But you don’t have to spend a penny on expensive stickers to try out this crowning summer essential.

Buy it! Women’s Baleaf Tennis Skirt in White, $23.79 (originally $27.99);

Nearly 8000 customers have given the Baleaf Women’s Tennis Skirt a perfect rating so far, and they rave about how comfortable, fun, and practical it is. Made with moisture-wicking fabric and a breezy silhouette, the tennis skirt will keep you cool (one shopper described it as perfect for “hot summer days”) and the built-in shorts underneath ensure optimal coverage.

Several reviewers wrote about how much they love exercising in these refreshing bottoms, describing them as “very comfortable for long-distance running.” One even noted that they ran 8 miles “without fury or riding.” Another claimed that the skirt “remains [them] cooler than [their] 4- [to] 5” running shorts while jogging in the summer.

Tennis skirts are just as comfortable and practical as bike shorts, but more feminine and flattering. Available in 21 shades, there’s a choice for everyone, whether you prefer basics like black and white or more summery shades like pink and orange.

Hidden pockets in the shorts provide storage for your phone, keys, and cards while you’re on the go. Some shoppers also said they gave up carrying the bag when they wore the “ultra flattering” tennis skirt to run errands, deeming it to be conveniently multi-purpose. Others wore a tennis skirt on the golf course, and one wrote that they “felt comfortable walking all eighteen holes.”

Buy it! Baleaf Women’s Tennis Skirt in Velor, $23.79 (originally $27.99);

Buy it! Baleaf Women’s Tennis Skirt in Black, $23.79 (originally $27.99);

Buy it! Baleaf Women’s Navy Tennis Skirt, $23.79 (originally $27.99);

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