Cody Clemens pitches for Tigers vs. White Sox

DETROIT – Two weeks after Cody Clemens followed in his father’s footsteps by making it to the major leagues, he has now followed his reigning Cy Young father up the hill. The Tigers player became a pitcher in the inning, throwing an eighth in Wednesday’s 13-0 loss to the White Sox at Comerica Park.

Tigers coach AJ Hinch may have indicated earlier that he missed an opportunity to use Cody on the hill at Yankee Stadium, as the Tigers suffered a 13-0 loss on June 3. Of choice, he threw a run at it. Once Chicago pulled out early on a hot Wednesday afternoon, with Detroit’s stadium staff already taxed from Tuesday night’s Bullpen, Hinch ran a procession of position players up the hill in the final three innings.

After Castro scored his first major league hit in the seventh, Clemens finished eighth. Suffice to say, he did not show his father’s Fast Bowl, cruising at 49.7 mph, according to Statcast. Then again, Statcast just showed him throwing sliders and curveballs. Regardless, he succeeded in the inning, allowing three hits to run with one walk. Catcher Tucker Barnhart came in ninth.

Clemens’ debut came just two days after he scored his first MLB success, ending a 0-for-17 start with a two-stroke performance in the series’ opening game versus Chicago.

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