Complaints in the Spanish League against Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain regarding “financial irregularities”

La Liga has filed a complaint against Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City after accusing the two clubs of “continuing to violate the Financial Fair Play Regulations”.

Both Paris Saint-Germain and City have either retained or signed players Real Madrid wanted to buy this summer. Kylian Mbappe chose to sign a new contract with Paris Saint-Germain instead of moving to Real Madrid, while City beat the Spanish club by signing Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund.

La Liga has now submitted complaints to UEFA, alleging that the two clubs are “with irregular funding”. The complaint against City was filed in April, while the complaint regarding PSG was filed this week.

A La Liga statement read: “La Liga this week filed a complaint with UEFA against Paris Saint-Germain, which will join another team against Manchester City in April, to understand that these clubs are constantly in violation of the current Financial Fair Play regulations.

“La Liga considers these practices to change the ecosystem and sustainability of football, harm all European clubs and leagues, and are only artificially inflating the market, with no money in football itself.

“La Liga is aware that the irregular financing of these clubs is taking place, either through direct injection of funds or through sponsorships and other contracts that are not in line with market conditions or are economically meaningful.

“Complaints were submitted against Manchester City before UEFA in April, and last week the corresponding complaint was submitted to PSG, although it is not excluded that in the coming days some of these complaints will be extended with new contributions data.”

Paris Saint-Germain declined to respond officially, but club sources said the athlete They were absolutely confident they would comply with Ligue 1 and European rules on financial fair play.

They added that both Mbappe’s new contract and Lionel Messi’s signing were financially sound investments and that the players would leave the club this window to help offset Mbappe’s salary commitment.

Additionally, the fact that he signed a new three-year contract also brings in the resale value PSG will likely attract when they choose to sell the player in the future.

The association added that it was looking to use the French legislature and the European Union to take “administrative and judicial measures”. They are also looking forward to taking action in Switzerland, for further actions directed against the president of Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

A source in the French club denied their suggestions that Al-Khelaifi has a conflict of interest for his roles in PSG, UEFA, ECA and BeIN Sports, insisting that BeIN has an external legal advisor constantly reviewing its meetings to check that there is no conflict, and while Al-Khelaifi occupies a prominent position on the federation’s executive committee European Football Association, it does not participate in the broadcasting committee.

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