Meets Morning News June 14, 2022

Meet Mets

The Mets are back home to start a seven-game home game against the Brewers.

Edwin Diaz, who scored five goals in Sunday’s win, is showing his best as the Mets approach this season.

mets will talk with With Max Scherzer today about taking on the speculators in a live BP setting, the next step for right-handed rehab and could come any day now.

The Mets are not ruling out a promotion to the top prospect, Francisco Alvarez, in 2022.

About East National League

The Braves won their twelfth match in a row, after defeating the national team 9-5.

The win came at a price, as Ozzy Albis fractured his foot and is expected to miss a large part of the summer.

Stephen Strasbourg, who started once after returning from the injured list, returns to IL After reporting the discomfort in his session.

Rhys Hoskins scored a double in the ninth game to lead the Phillies to overtake the Marlins 3-2.

About Major League Baseball

Mark Feinsand examined seven players who improved the value of their trade, and the niche for those players.

Joel Sherman has spoken about how the Yankees should take advantage of their opportunity this year, tying it back to the 1979 Rangers and 2022 Rangers.

The Yankees came first in the MLB power ratings, with the Mets jumping to number two.

Orioles Chairman and CEO John Angelos made a statement In light of recent rumors that they are planning to move the club, asserting that the club will “never leave” Baltimore.

Tony LaRussa started hearing chants of “Fire Tony” because his management was hurting the White Sox.

Eduardo Rodriguez reported this to the Tigers Won’t join again The team because of personal matters, so the club put it on the restricted list.

Brittany Ghiroli told the story of Maura Sheridan, a broadcaster who reported an assault and ended up losing her job as the stage voice for Single-A Lynchburg Hillcats as a result.

MLB has begun to fine parent clubs for bench-offsetting incidents and scrimmages in minor leagues.

The fifth game of seven games helped the Blue Jays beat the Orioles 11-1. Toronto crime heats up to 2021 level.

The White Sox defeated the Tigers 9-5.

The Cardinals scored a seventh and one eighth to overtake the Buccaneers 7-5.

Padres cut the Cubs 4-1.

Rangers beat the Astros 5-3.

The Reds outperformed the Diamondbacks 5-4.

The Giants defeated the Royal Family 6-2.

The Twins won 3-2 against the Mariners.

Yesterday on Amazon Street

Alison McCague brings us the center player and pitcher meter of the week!

In episode 172 of From Complex to Queens, the crew discusses the start of The Florida Complex League and the Dominican Summer League.

This date is in Mets history

David Peterson threw six runs by one stroke against the Cubs to lead the Mets to a 5-2 win on this date last year.

On this date in 2015, the Mets came back from a 5-1, 8-3 deficit to defeat the Braves 10-8 at Citi Field. Dillon Gee gave up all eight runs, but Alex Torres, Shaun Gilmartin, Bobby Parnell, Hansel Robles and Joris Familia held Atlanta three strikes over 6.1 innings without goals. In attack, Daryl Siciliani, Delson Herrera, Travis Darno and Juan Lagaris managed to score Lagaris’ goal with three runs on the sixth serve as the decisive blow.

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