Quick Beats: Edition Changes Abundant

This would be great to go to.

31 years old goalkeeper for the depth chart. surely.

It should fit in there.

It’s great that she will get this opportunity

Are big changes coming to Rogers and Hockey Knight? – YYZ Sports

Well, if my sources can be believed, I believe that when the trophy is handed over to this year’s champion, it will be the last time you see Hockey Night the way you want to. I saw him this year. Simply put, there are a lot of people who see change as imminent thinking it’s just noise. I think that’s probably Ron McClain’s last year as full-time host of Hockey Night in Canada. I think the decision to break up would probably be amicable with Ron hosting her gig on its normal course. He has survived the end of Don Sherry, carried through the pandemic, and hosted what feels like a lot of hockey over the past two summers. As one insider told me, “Both parties agree it is a good time to call it a day.”

I am contradictory. McClain got to the coast by being the happy sounding board of a lot of bullshit, which is why he must happen to be “Bettman’s tough guy”. I don’t particularly like it, but I only watch HNIC’s broadcast when my subscription package asks for it.

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