Ranking the last 10 first rounds from worst to best

Joshua Ho Sang

Some of you may have Ho-Sang ranked lower on the list because he played much less NHL hockey than Michael Dal Colle. And I don’t blame you if you do that.

For me, the difference lies in where Ho-Sang was forged versus where Dal Colle was forged. Not to mention we all know the risks that came with crafting Josh Ho-Sang. It was a high-risk, rewarding choice. The Isles may have an elite playmaker or they may have someone who causes a lot of disappointment.

With 53 NHL games, we got the last one, unfortunately. Blame it where you want it, but it wasn’t a good choice by the islanders.

There is still time for Simon Holmstrom to turn something into something. But with three years of professional North American experience under his belt, he has yet to break into the NHL. Unlike the two players who were drafted right after him; Philip Tomasino and Conor McMichael.

Both players were seen as talented in the first round while Holmstrom was seen as an early pick for the second round. Tommasino has 32 points in 76 NHL games with Nashville, while McMichael has 18 points in 69 games with Washington.

Once again, there is plenty of time for Holmstrom to reach their level and maybe even surpass them. But being late isn’t great. The islanders arrived at Holmstrom and got what they deserved for doing so. At least for now.

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