Spotted golf equipment at The Country Club

Brooklyn, Massachusetts – The US Open is known to be golf’s toughest test, and this week at The Country Club outside Boston, that reputation will be cemented even further. The coarse is thick, the greens are fast and the players rarely have a flat, even lying in the aisle. It promises to be a brutal test.

The player’s game must be very sharp if he hopes to compete on Sunday, and every piece of equipment must also be contacted. Golf Week David Dusek is at The Country Club and has spent his days in the training ground and in the field. Here are some exciting gear pictures he took this week.

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TaylorMade gear by Rory McIlroy (David Dusek/Golfweek)

Rory McIlroy plays a custom version of TaylorMade P-730 irons called the RORS Proto.

Callaway Xander Schauffele Equipment

Callaway gear by Xander Schauffele (David Dusek/Golfweek)

Xander Schauffele plays the Callaway Apex TCB iron.

Kevin Kessner golf equipment

Kevin Kessner’s golf equipment (David Dusek/Golfweek)

Kevin Kisner still plays a set of Callaway Apex Pro irons that were originally released in 2014.

Jason Kokrak PXG Equipment

Jason Kokrak PXG gear (David Dusek/Golfweek)

Jason Kokrac plays the PXG 0311 GEN4 T irons.

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