Phil Mickelson is more famous than ever at the US Open: ‘The Salute of the Beast’

Brooklyn, Massachusetts. If anyone has been wondering how fans treated Phil Mickelson this week at the US Open despite being portrayed as a villain in the game as a result of playing in the LIV Golf Invitational Series, Keegan Bradley answered the question.

I was wearing the first shirt [Tuesday] And Phil was getting ready to set off, and he got a standing ovation,” Bradley said on Wednesday, “People [were] acclaim. Phil was giving his thumbs up to everyone.

“I think he’ll be fine. It sounded like the same Phil Mickelson with the audience as I’ve always heard.

Mickelson has been seen signing autographs all week at The Country Club, and he looks like he’s more popular than ever.

Smiling Phil Mickelson signs autographs for fans during a practice round at the US Open.
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Rory McIlroy has his regular bag – Harry Diamond – back. Diamond missed last week’s Canadian Open, which McIlroy won, to be with his wife who was giving birth. Niall O’Connor, former Irish rugby star and McIlroy’s friend, has been replaced by Diamond. O’Connor previously carried the McIlroy bag at the 2019 DP World Championships in Dubai.

“Niall and [my] ‘The running is over at this point,’ said McIlroy. “Very good record. He was fourth in Dubai and first in Canada. If you need someone to jump on to Harry, I have a very good alternative out there. ”

McIlroy, in the midst of a number of questions about LIV Golf, was asked on Zoom by a youngster for Sports Illustrated about the significance of the famous 1913 US Open win at Brookline by former caddy Francis Ouimet, given McIlroy’s relationship with his caddy.

“It’s funny how the best question comes from a kid,” McIlroy joked. “This course and the history of Francis Oymet, 1913, that’s the good thing about golf is the history and the traditions and these stories. The fact that he grew up near the 17th hole here and we’re still talking about it to this day over 100 years, that’s pretty cool. That’s the cool thing in this sport.”

Justin Thomas, who grew up in Kentucky, is a fan of the Red Sox.

“My uncle is from this area and is a big fan of the Red Sox and it was kind of like it wasn’t a birthday or a Christmas present for me from him but the Red Sox,” said Thomas. Lots of hats, lots of blankets.

His favorite players?

“Then my first Red Sox shirt was a David Ortiz shirt,” he said. “[My uncle] He took me to a Yankees-Red Sox game in Fenway for my one year birthday, and it was really cool. I think I was probably twelve years old. I went to a Yankees-Red Sox game at Old Yankee Stadium. I remember because I had my own Nomar [Garciaparra] I put on the T-shirt, I was yelled and damned and gave my finger and I was 9 years old. That was my first introduction to the Yankees and Red Sox competitions. ”

Brooks Koepka recently got married and there have been pictures all over Instagram. Colin Morikawa said he’s getting married soon, but he avoids all publicity.

“I know for sure when we’re going to get married, but I won’t share it,” Morikawa said. “We like to keep things private. I think that’s what we are. I’m sure people will find out, but no way our wedding will be this big. [Koepka’s]. I think their work has been very impressive. ”

If there was a playoff on Sunday, it would be a total of two holes played on the first 18 AD holes. If he was still bound after that, he would turn into sudden death.

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