11 US Open contenders could make up the battle of the LIV-PGA Tour

  • This week’s US Open marks the first major tournament in the LIV era of golf.
  • Players who have committed to both sides of the PGA Tour-LIV golf competition are scheduled to compete this week.
  • Whoever wins The Country Club this week could shape the next phase of the war between the two tournaments.

This week’s US Open marks the first major golf tournament in the Leaf golf era.

After decades of being the dominant body in professional golf, the PGA Tour is now facing a challenge from the emerging Saudi-backed league, which has already persuaded several high-profile players to switch allegiances.

As golf’s top talent now appears destined to split in two, the majors will gain even more importance, as they could be the only place where PGA Tour and LIV players compete head-to-head.

Furthermore, this first major since the inception of LIV Golf gives players on both sides of the battlefield a chance to frame the next chapter in the competition between the two leagues with a statement win.

If a PGA Tour-lifer driver took the trophy home, they would probably take another shot or two at the LIV. Meanwhile, if a LIV player hacks their way to victory, it could do a lot of damage to the current PGA Tour’s claim that it still has the best talent.

Here are 11 contenders to win at The Country Club in Brooklyn, Massachusetts, and what each person’s win might mean for the future of golf.

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