2022 NBA Mock Draft: Sixers, Nuggets Shaking First Round

The NBA 2022 draft is officially less than a week away, and it’s an exciting moment for those who’ve been watching the potential movie for hours, days, weeks, and months on end. It’s not quite an NFL draft, but a lot of work goes into this stuff!

After another disappointing post-season exit, the Sixers need to improve their scoring depth as they navigate big money contracts. The draft might seem perfect for this predicament… except that they don’t have a huge tournament window to wait for players to develop, and not everyone is on the Tyrese Maxey Timeline.

Do they pick at number 23? Did they move it? Let’s jump into a full mock round and see what happens:

1. Magic: BF Jabari Smith, Auburn

Smith’s recent rise to the draft boards, combined with an uproar about front desks falling in love with his potential, appears to have earned the 19-year-old’s ticket to Orlando. The combination of strong defense and athletics can be all worth it.

2. Thunder: C Chet Holmgren, Gonzaga

The Tall, Skinny NCAA Championship Guy You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off! I wasn’t sold on Holmgren as a pro expectant—the frame (7 feet, 195 lbs) is alarming—but his length would have him paint a dab on both ends from day one.

3. Rockets: PF Paolo Banchero, Duke

Another NCAA star, Banchero is a Bucket player (30.6 points per 100 possessions as a new Duke student) who should only improve at the next level. His defense prevents him from being the first choice overall, but that’s why coaching is there.

4. Kings: SG Jaden Ivey, Purdue

Ivy seems to be a polarizing prospect among some NBA fans. The Kings may be crammed into sentry, but they aren’t exactly where they are recruited when needed, so they take the sentinel who is interested in attacking and who can shoot from the depths. Get good players, find out later.

5. Pistons: SG Shaedon Sharpe, Kentucky

Detroit already has its star guard in Kid Cunningham, and now they have his back-in-crime partner. Sharpe is a devastatingly sexy scorer with a deep bag, and he would thrive with someone as creative as Cunningham. Boost the defense a bit while we cook.

6. Pacers: BF Keegan Murray, Iowa

Talk about glow. Murray went from the role of the forgotten man to the First Team All-Big Ten, posting 61.4% eFG% on nearly 16 attempts per game and grabbing more than eight boards each night. Indiana finds a great racing companion for Tyrese Haliburton.

7. Blazers: SG Bennedict Mathurin, Arizona

I wouldn’t be surprised if Portland swaps this pick for instant upgrades to keep Damien Lillard happy. If they keep picking, Mathurin is a solid content creator who shot 38% deep in two years in Arizona. He can probably help most teams.

8. Pelican: SF A.J. Griffin, Duke

Our first pick was drop over production, the Griffin was solid but it wasn’t amazing on the Duke. His main attraction is a 44.7% three point rate as a new student. The goal here will probably be to become a magical weapon that excels in defense, then see if there is more potential.

9. Tottenham: SG Johnny Davis, Wisconsin

How many recruiting choices were spent on junior guards? Tottenham will find out! They need to keep swinging until they find Dejounte Murray the right pairing in the backcountry. It’s hard to miss the Top Ten Players of the Year, even with Joshua Primo and Devin Fassel (Lonnie Walker, Romeo Langford…) waiting in the wings.

10. Witches: SF Ochai Agbaji, KS

Agbaji is a little older than you’d like in the 10th overall pick, but the leap he took when he was big was electric: He scored career-highs in eFG% (57%), 3P% (40.7%), FT% (74.3%), and game points ( 21.4). The hope here is that his game continues to grow in this vein.

11. Knicks: C. Galen Doreen, Memphis

The Knicks Renaissance was a lie, so they’re back on the drawing board – which means it’s time to take big ups and downs! Mitchell Robinson will be paid this season. Instead of doing this, Knicks gambles on an 18-year-old who is 6 feet 10 feet tall and could become a two-way monster.

12. Thunder: SG Dyson Daniels, G League Ignite

That would be a huge win for Oklahoma City. A playmaker with a defensive upside, Daniels could be a top 10 talent and OKC is still all about potential through its eternal rebuilding process. Daniels alongside Shay Gilgus Alexander will be a bustling and dynamic duo in the background for years.

13. Hornets: C. Mark Williams, Duke

It’s the upgrade button meme where you start with Mason Plumlee failing to post someone and end up hitting Mark Williams from LaMelo Ball. The dream here finally gets to an Evan Mobley-style game if he can find his shot at the pro.

14. Cavaliers: SF Galen Williams, Santa Clara

Williams is a goalkeeper/winner who made play with a combination of depth and vision to find his teammates. Collaborating with Darius Garland could be a very powerful one-two punch bucket for the Cavs. It depends a little on their plans for Collin Sexton and Ricky Rubio.

15. Hornets: BF Jeremy Suchan, Baylor

I’ve seen a range of expected openings for Sushan, in large part because his offensive game is still in focus – he’s fired only 29% from three and eFG% (53%) is a bit low for the 6-foot-9 forward. But he’s big, cool, and small, all the good things about the modern NBA.

16. Hawks: SJ Jaden Hardy, J-League Ignite

The Hawks may try to convey that choice, but Hardy would be a welcome addition to the Atlanta roster. Outside of Trae Young and Sharife Cooper, the Hawks need more individual creativity from their backyard (although Kevin Huerter flashed that ability last season) and Hardy’s ceiling in that arena is high.

17. Missiles: SF Ousmane Dieng, France

The Rockets are definitely in no rush to compete, which means it’s time to take some chances. Ding is tall, he’s young, and scouting reports make him a petite striker in dribbling and agility. Sounds like someone who totally slips into lineup with Jalen Green and Paolo Banchero.

18. Bulls: F EJ Liddell, Ohio

If they don’t blow things up this summer, the Bulls are in a winning position now. Liddell is a bit older for a first-round prospect (21) but has winning capabilities now: He blossomed into a self-confident scorer of basically every level last season and could immediately help Chicago off the bench.

19. Timberwolves: J. Malachy Branham, Ohio State

Buckeye’s back-to-back picks! Wolves are said to be shopping D’Angelo Russell. If that era is over, why not pick another OSU guard to help lead the backyard? He’s a silky scorer with deep touch, line reach, and effective streak. Sky is the limit.

20. Tottenham: Serbia Nikola Jovic

(No, not that guy.) Spurs taking a foreign player with a pass-first mentality is basically a parody at this point, but it’s also frankly a very downright Spurs. Jovic is young and still growing as a player, but San Antonio isn’t competitive now, so that’s okay. It could be a real theft.

21. Nuggets: F Tari Eaton, LSU

Nuggets can use a boost to their team’s defense, and Eason is a very good defender. It’s sideways quick and it’s physical as well, and it will instantly help to that end. He also hits the free throw line, but the rest of his offensive game needs improvement.

22. Grizzlies: Ji Tae Washington, Kentucky

With Tyus Jones potentially out on the road, Washington would be a great fit alongside Ja Morant. His passing and control of the ground are his biggest pluses, although he will need to learn how to work better without the ball and also develop a more consistent shot from depth.

23. Nuggets (via PHI): SJ Blake Wesley, Notre Dame

Trade alert.

This pick will be announced as the Sixers’ pick, but the national correspondents will quickly tell us that the player has flipped to the Nuggets in a draw night swap.

DEN receives: Blake Wesley, Danny Green, Mathis Thibault

PHI receives: Will Barton

For Denver, who finished 15th in the defensive rankings last season, adding Thybulle’s defensive prowess would be a boon. We all know a team can score, and Nikola Jokic can make anyone look open. Can they stop anyone? With Thybulle, things should get better. Danny Green’s money will likely be redirected, and they get a draft too.

For the Sixers, they are exchanging a player they would be willing to move forward with at Thybulle and gain more offensive depth while also moving away from Green’s contract next season. Addition by subtraction in multiple squares.

Barton counts for $14.3 million off the cap next season, which is a reasonable deal for a player who has fired 37% from depth in his last three seasons, adds five boards and 3.5 assists, and has a 56.1% effective field goal percentage on captures and shooting attempts last year. .

24. Bucks: C. Walker Kessler, Auburn

Brook Lopez has never been younger, so Milwaukee is looking to the future at the center and adding the size (7 feet 258 pounds, 7 feet 5 wingspan) that could add to the Bucks’ already stifling inner defense. The dollars are huge.

25. Tottenham: SG Christian Brown, KS

Brown feels like somewhat of a Spurs pick: He’s a solid three-point shooter, takes pride in himself in defence, and loves to do the little things. You probably remember him from the Kansas moniker as a pessimistic dude who can shoot. Needs improvement in creativity, but no need to rush.

26. Missiles: SF Dalen Terry, Arizona

Dalen Terry has an impressive three-point shot that’s ready for the NBA and will help the Houston team find defenders while contributing to the attack. It should be reliable enough to earn solid game time as a beginner. He also added nearly four assists per game as a sophomore. not bad!

27. Heat: F Patrick Baldwin Jr., Milwaukee

Baldwin Jr. didn’t play much during his freshman year with Milwaukee due to a nagging ankle injury, and when he did he was frustrated. But there was still a five-star origin, undeniably athletic performance, and size (6ft-9, 220lb) to tempt the Heat to swing into a high-potential winger late in the first round.

28. Warriors: SF Kendall Brown, Baylor

Despite their apparent success in the post-season, Golden State does need to improve in a few key areas. Brown brings instant size (6ft – 8) to a petite roster and leap from the athletic page to the aging center. It is a very efficient recorder, albeit with a relatively small sample size. In general, he could fit into the warriors’ present and future.

29. Grizzlies: WING MarJon Beauchamp, G League Ignite

Besides clearly having the best name in the draft, Beauchamp fits the Grizzlies’ style – fast, attacking and physical – and brings a bit more sportsmanship to one of the league’s most eccentric teams. His shot needs work, but he’ll perfectly complement an already deep Memphis spin.

30. Nuggets: SF Jake LaRavia, Wake Forest

The Nuggets could be looking to trade this pick away after making a couple of picks already and being in a winning position now overall. But LaRavia can still be a solid addition to the Nuggets, bringing both shot-making and play-making to offense and diversity in defense.

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