Happy to make the cut? James Pitt Motivators opens the 2022 US Open with red numbers

Brooklyn, Massachusetts – James Peut was relaxing Wednesday night on the eve of his US Open debut when a friend sent him a link to an article on ESPN.com classifying the entire field in The Country Club.

Piot fell into the fourth level of players: Glad to make the cut. They are not expected to be among the contenders unless something happens.

It’s true, but at the same time, it’s a motivator,” said Piot, who missed the first five cuts on the PGA Tour before tying with 25th of 48 players last week at the inaugural LIV Golf in London, “but at the same time, it’s a motivator. I’m an honest guy and the numbers aren’t.” You lie, so some good results should be put on the board before I judge anything written about me.”

Full field scores from the US Open

Piot also got a chuckle from the accompanying photo, which showed him lying on a red carpet with a huge smile. But after Thursday, Piot may finally be laughing at the US Open.

The U.S. amateur champion opened his championship at 1 under 69, which tied both of his playing rivals – John Ram and Colin Morikawa – and left him with just three shots off the lead on day one. This was his first “good result” in a world-ranked professional event, where he had topped out in each of his previous 10 tours of the Tour.

“I’ve been in a slump for a long time, so to get out here and do it at the US Open is pretty cool,” said Piot.

Bayut, who has received some criticism for joining the rival Saudi-backed league, has mostly been on the receiving end of criticism. However, he couldn’t help but click on a headline that read, “Who can and who can’t win the 2022 US Open”.

He was a huge underdog at Thursday’s triple-ball with Ram and Morikawa, but only missed four of the Greens as he made three passes to push the group.

“Colin apparently didn’t have the best of him and still chained me back in the day, and I felt like I didn’t miss a golf shot there except with putters,” Piot said sarcastically. “It’s so amazing watching these guys.”

And according to at least one article, it would be very surprising to see Piot not only playing the weekend, but competing as well.

“Obviously it would be nice to do the cut, but at the same time, it’s not what I want to be known for,” said Piot.

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