Claude Lemieux is exactly what the demons need in the next leader

So the pilots upped the ante. Losing in the first round wasn’t good enough for Boston. Vegas is taking another step for a new (slightly distorted) game behind the bench; Winnipeg (among others) awaits Barry Trotz; the movement of the inhabitants of the island; Dallas is looking for a coach. Steve Laserman is a lookout in Detroit. There is an extraordinarily large pool of coaching candidates available, but nope, good devils, will be standing by Lindy Raff after another disastrous season on the ice.

Nine playoffs in the past 10 years for an establishment that has left its championship pedigree behind in the 16W exit and possesses a distinct lack of will within the ownership to tackle the problem, which may actually be the ownership’s unwillingness to turn things around for an independent and independent person. He thinks of a hockey player who has a Stanley Cup history on his resume.

I’d like to see what Claude Lemieux can do with that New Jersey organization, which has amassed a fair amount of young talent but is still well below the sum of its parts and is a neglected little brother in the NHL scheme of things.

Lemieux, an agent, has no front office experience. But he has long championship experience in the game, winning four Cups with Montreal (1986); New Jersey (1995 and 2000) and Colorado (1996). He has one of the most fertile minds in the game and has always recognized the importance of surrounding young talent with layers of bricks.

Claude Lemieux
Wa Funches Jr.

If there is an organization in need of reorganization, it is the Devils. If there’s ever a guy who shakes things up, it’s Lemieux.

Meanwhile, John Tortorella has always been #1 on Philadelphia’s general manager, Chuck Fletcher’s wish list, according to a good source that put this hiring on the radar weeks and weeks ago.

Perhaps the coach now makes two people in the world believe that pilots can somehow “re-equip” themselves to compete without making a major change beyond Tortorella’s demanding personality.

If there are concerns about Tortorella suppressing the young elite talent in the wake of his ESPN assessment of alley-duck Trevor Zegras-Sonny Milano-oop, it’s not an issue with the Flyers, who are essentially disadvantaged in that region and are there. Urgently need the same kind of course correction needed in New Jersey.

Hey there, how do you think Kevin Hayes, the antithesis of a type A Tortorella character with only four years left on his deal where he earns an average annual value of just under $7.143 million, will come out under this new system?

The Black Hawks, in an apparent attempt to crack the crater as fast as they can, are seeking a business partner for 24-year-old star winger Alex DeBrinkat.

This contrasts with the organization’s apparent attempt to make a slow dive to the bottom a year ago by acquiring and then signing Seth Jones to an eight-year contract worth $9.5 million each.

And yes, after raising the issue early last season, I’ll bring it up again now and probably not for the last time: What is the value of Patrick Kane as a rent to Rangers after the hockey club has been closed four times in a row by Tampa Bay?

No, Jonathan Toews is not entering the discussion.

Alex DeBrinkat
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Once again, there are plenty of experienced coach candidates, but NHL decision-makers shouldn’t overlook Mark Savard, who in his first season led Windsor (and Will Coyle) off the bench to the OHL Finals before descending to Hamilton in seven games.

We’re told that if Joel Quinville makes a request to Gary Bateman to reinstate him after the coach’s actions/inaction in the Kyle Beach scandal and his Black Hawk cover-up, and if that request is granted, the coach could be back behind the Panthers bench next season in after a second-round sweep by Tampa Bay, where the highest-scoring NHL team scored a total of three goals.

And if we don’t come back to sunrise, perhaps a move to Seattle if general manager Ron Francis is willing to replace Dave Haxtool, who appears to have the first few weeks until a month into the 2022-23 season to cement his job as head coach, and what is that – which?

By the way, that Red Wings roster screams David Quinn to take over behind the bench. If not, the one-time Rangers coach whose work helped lay the foundation for this year’s leap could be the man to lead the next generation of the Bruins, who, according to people with some insight into the situation, have been in Basically abandoned by Cassidy.

Young people may not be the only ones.

David Quinn

I wonder what Cam Neely and Don Sweeney, president and general manager, respectively, of B, would have to say about their own accountability if they were teammates with their executive selves back in the day.

Of course it will be Nathan McKinnon, Cal Makar, Gabriel Landskog, Stephen Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov or Andrei Vasilevsky.

But will a brave soul or two on Conn Smythe’s voting committee vote for Connor McDavid, the play-off’s goal-scoring leader by nine points (33-24) over Kucherov entering Game Two of the Finals?

In fact, McDodd, who scored 33 points (10 goals, 23 assists) in 16 games during Edmonton’s access to the conference finals, became the first player in two decades to lead the playoffs in scoring without advancing to the cup final, since Peter Forsberg from Colorado withdrew in 2002.

In fact, Forsberg, who also did so in 1999, and Bernie Federico, who tied for the lead in 1986, are the only two players to complete this unusual feat since 1970.

The moment the NHL allowed players to trade their LTI (Long Term Injury Reserve) is the moment the CBA circumvention application became a joke.

Finally, keep tabs because someone has to, but the Penguins’ first-round defeat to Rangers was the eleventh time in the last 12 years that a team with Brian Burke in the front office had failed to make it to the second round. of the playoffs.

Sure enough, that’s the kind of information that wasn’t readily available during Slap Shots’ recent hiatus.

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