Brady among Tampa Bay sports stars wishes good luck in Game 2

Tom Brady led a parade of sports stars with Tampa ties wishing Tampa Bay Lightning luck before Game Two of the Stanley Cup Final.

“Let’s do this lightning,” Brady said in the video Lightning posted to social media on Saturday. “Bring the cup home! Let’s go!”

Tweet from TBLightning: Some special fans wanted to wish the guys good luck ahead of match two 😉 #StanleyCup | #GoBolts

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion kicks off a video featuring several famous personalities, including the ESPN football analyst and former Buccaneers in the first-round pick by Booger McFarland.

“Congrats on the last two Stanley Cups,” MacFarland said. “But guess what? This is old news. Nobody cares. Let’s go get the third.”

ESPN anchor and sports fan Dick Vitale also appeared in Tampa.

“Yes, here’s the avalanche and everyone said the avalanche is the favorite to win it pre-season,” Vitale said. “They have to go through the bolts, baby, and the lightning will find a way. They will find a way. They are mentally strong. They make big plays in time. Find the lightning!”

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, who is currently training in Tampa for his upcoming final wrestling match at age 73, also had some words for Lightning.

Vital predicted that the Lightning would win the Stanley Cup in six games.

Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles, former US hockey player Mike Iruzioni, and former Tampa Bay Rays player Tino Martinez offered words of lightning encouragement.

“You know what it takes,” Martinez said. “You know the intensity it takes and you’re very close to the end. Keep doing what you’re doing. Crush it. Find a way to do it and I’ll see you guys on the water.”

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