‘I was really shocked’ – Coco Gauff shares her concerns about Serena Williams ahead of her Wimbledon return

To end the long wait, 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams is preparing to finally return for the upcoming Wimbledon 2022. After suffering a hamstring injury in SW19 last year, Williams was forced to stay out of the tour for an entire year.

The announcement of Serena’s return at SW19 was a treat for the entire tennis community. Besides the fans, players like Coco Gauff are thrilled to see Serena once again on the field. However, the 18-year-old American also has some concerns about Serena.


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Enthusiastic Coco Gauff worried about Serena Williams’ return

Coming down memory lane, one can recall Serena Williams’ transition from mud to grass. Unlike the majority of players, Serena has always preferred to enter Wimbledon without playing any tournament on grass.

Gave sees Serena as her idol and would like to follow in her footsteps. However, she prefers not to reciprocate Serena’s move from the French Open to Wimbledon. In preparation for Wimbledon, Gauff is currently in Berlin competing in the WTA 500 Bett10 Open.

Yesterday, during her first-round press conference, Gave opened up about Serena’s comeback. The 2022 French Open definitely started off as pleasantly shocking when she found out. “I was really shocked. I did not know. I knew she would be back. I know she hinted at Wimbledon.”


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However, the excitement soon turned into a serious talk with Gauff expressing her concerns about Serena. The American teenager spoke about Serena’s return from injury at the age of 40. Considering Serena’s age, Gauff also spoke about the longevity of the world number one on the tour.

“Coming back from injury, especially at her age, nothing is really certain. I am very excited and happy to have her back. Realistically speaking, it might be one of the last few times we have seen her play professionally,” Gauff has been added.

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While Gauff had her concerns in place, she wasn’t shy about offering her fan girl’s point of view. The American ended the conversation by saying: “I’m definitely going to walk and try to enjoy it.”

Will Gauff and Serena have their first ever meeting at Wimbledon 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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