Stanley Cup: Avalanche inflicts seven goals on Lightning for 2-0 lead

DENVER (Associated Press) – What emerged from the Tampa Bay Lightning Saturday night wasn’t the championship’s pedigree or its ability to recover, but the frayed nerves and perhaps the realization that the Colorado avalanche is fast approaching for their crown.

defeated. was bypassed. out of the fray.

Andrei Vasilevsky and two-time Stanley Cup champion were decimated 7-0 by an avalanche, losing not only the match, but their cool and talent in the process.

It was only the second time in Vasilevskiy’s 465-game NHL career that he allowed so many goals per game.

Captain Stephen Stamkos was rocking and bouncing to battle Lightning 3-0 in the first period. Corey Perry went into the penalty area at the end of the second half with Tampa Bay trailing 5-0 after getting into a brawl in Colorado with JT Comfer.

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