Stanley Cup Final Feature: The Darren Helm Untold Story

Fourth lineman Darren Helm was one of the most prominent players on the ice so far in this Stanley Cup Final at the Colorado Avalanche. While it’s not what you would say a “big-name player” compared to his teammates, that doesn’t detract from his work.

Helm was doing the dirty work on the fourth line. In the first two games of the series, the 35-year-old scored 22 scores (10 in Game 1, 12 in Game 2) along with Colorado’s fifth goal in last night’s game. He did this in 11 minutes of ice time, which made his time on the ice worthwhile.

Back in Game 1, Helm is tasked with 15 minutes of ice time. Despite getting a -2 in the game, it was part of the forward check and was noticeable. The same could be said of Game 2 on the front check again, although his goal came in the form of spinning and quickly pulling the ice. He was also decisive on the standoff point, winning six fights in the first game, and he’s essentially been tasked with the role of third place now.

As a member of this Avalanche team that has previously played in the Stanley Cup Final, his leadership and persistence will be critical in any remaining games in the series. The members who previously played in the Stanley Cup Final are the same, Andrei Burakovsky, Andrew Kogliano, and Arturi Likonen.

All of the aforementioned, especially Helm, would be so important that he came in at number six. He had already had an effect, both inside and outside the ice. He has been recognized by his teammates as you will see below, and will continue to keep up. He does all this because he is looking to be re-signed by Joe Sakic after the season is over. It will be interesting to see where he goes with her, but for now, Helm will be honored for his efforts.

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