I consider Rafael Nadal the best shot in our game today

Mark Woodford, a former 17-time Grand Slam champion, believes Rafael Nadal is the best shot of the match now because he feels the Spaniard always sets his balls perfectly. Woodford, who had a huge hit in multiples with Todd Woodbridge, admits that Nadal’s aerial shooting style isn’t always the prettiest but somehow he always lands where he needs to land.

Even as I comment now and watch, when I see Nadal move in the net today, I often say it, I consider it the best shot in our game today,” Woodford said on the US Open podcast, Sportskeeda. .

“His technique isn’t always the prettiest, but he always shoots on the open court. I hit quite a few low balls and a ton of half balls. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy shoot a half ball, he’s always just in the right place.”

Woodford praises Nadal’s mental strength

Nadal is a record 22-time Grand Slam champion, and many believe his mental strength has been one of the keys to his massive success. “I think someone like Nadal, would be able to hit that reset button as many times as he did,” Woodford said.

“In two sets of love, it’s not about believing you can win from that, it’s understanding not giving up. I really like this Nadal ability and all the times he’s in adversity, he doesn’t show it, he’s not going to take his foot to his opponent.”

In this year’s Australian Open final, Nadal lost in two sets to Daniil Medvedev. In the third set, Medvedev advanced 3-2 and broke three consecutive points in the sixth game. After trailing two sets and facing three straight break points, Nadal made an amazing comeback and won the Australian Open.

After the final, Nadal admitted that it was one of his greatest victories. Once again, Nadal’s incredible mental strength was crystal clear.

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