“I guess I declared victory because…”

World number 310 Andrea Brisacario says Novak Djokovic is a great champion and is confident that the Serb will find a way to overcome all the challenges he faced in 2022. Earlier in the year, Djokovic was unable to compete in the 2022 Open.

Australia. Now, Djokovic is set to lose 2,000 Wimbledon points and recent reports from the US indicate that he will not be allowed to compete in the US Open. As she paid tribute to Djokovic, Brisacario also gave great words to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Brisacario described Federer as a very elegant player and described Nadal as a hard worker and an absolute machine on the field. “I believe Novak will get through all of this and get back on the right track,” Brisacario told Sportal.

“I know he will suffer after Wimbledon and he will lose points from last year. I know he also struggled with the situation at the Australian Open because he was not vaccinated and all that happened, but I believe in him, he is a great champion.

“Rafa and Federer are also great champions, and this trio is amazing,” Brisacario added. Each player has their own characteristic about him. Federer is elegant, has a perfect attitude on the court, Rafa is a hardworking worker, works harder than everyone else and is a machine on the court, while Noel has a little bit of everything from everyone and is a complete tennis player.

With all that’s going on, I hope he’s strong enough to get through it all and not think too much about his ATP list and rankings because that’s not all. I hope he feels the love of his fans and wears it. At Roland Garros, the audience booed him and that doesn’t seem right to me, but that’s the way it works, that’s how the world works.

I think everything will be fine, he knows how to deal with it. It will be number one again.”

Rafa wants to play Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal recently stated that winning the Davis Cup, which came after an injury, was helped by a crowd who witnessed the claycourt competition at Seville’s Olympic Stadium.

“The match against Roddick in the 2004 Davis Cup Final is one of those that marked my career, and I will never forget it. People remember my performance because of my freshness and how young I was, but the real architect of the win was Carlos Moya who brought us two points,” said Rafael Nadal.

“I think I won because the fans were there to support me; it was essential. I had some outstanding matches at every stage of my career, and this is one of them, especially after that injury. I played at a very high level and deserved the victory after working hard on the training ground.”

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