Denis Shapovalov attacks Queen’s Club for ‘discrimination against women’

Canadian tennis star Denis Shapovalov has called the Queen’s Club, accusing them of discriminating against women. Shapovalov, 23, competes at Queen’s Club and is unhappy with the fact that female players are not allowed to train at the club.

Queen’s Club is a member event, and as an ATP-only event, ATP players are allowed to practice in the club for the first five days of the event, even if they are out of the tournament. At Queen’s Club, Shapovalov lost in the first round of the singles event, but reached the semi-finals of doubles with Rohan Bubana.

“(Ironically) named Queens Tennis Club after a strong and extraordinary woman and yet women are still discriminated against by not being allowed to train at the club when they need to prepare for Wimbledon,” Shapovalov wrote on Twitter.

Shapovalov lost early in the singles event in Queens

Shapovalov did not enjoy a great campaign in the singles event as he was beaten by American Tommy Ball in the first round.

Paul, 25, lost Shapovalov 6-4, 2-6, 6-4 in their encounter. Paul made a strong start to the match, breaking Shapovalov in the opener. Shapovalov had a chance to get back into the first set, but he missed a break point in the fourth game and another break point in the eighth.

In the tenth inning, Paul served in the first set. After losing the first set, Shapovalov faced a break point in the third game, but managed to save and avoid a fall in the first inning. Shapovalov then set off on tour, breaking Paul in back-to-back games to win the second set.

Paul recovered after losing the second set, as Shapovalov broke in the seventh game to open the 4-3 lead. Paul had a chance to finish the match in the ninth game, but he missed a match point on Shapovalov’s serve.

However, the failure to convert a match point in the ninth game did not affect Paul, who served in the match in the tenth inning.

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