Nick Kyrgios has criticized the ATP’s decision to prosecute his off-court coaching

Nick Kyrgios criticized the ATP Tour’s decision to test off-court training and said Wednesday that the beauty of the sport where players have to figure things out for themselves has been ruled out.

The ATP will test off-court training in the second half of the year, when players are scheduled to receive instruction at major draw and qualifying matches at tournaments including the US Open and the ATP Finals.

Patrick Moratoglu, who coached Serena Williams and now coach Simona Halep, has congratulated the ATP for “legalizing” a practice that’s been going on in nearly every game for decades,” but Kyrgios said he opposed the move.

“I totally disagree,” Kyrgios said. “He’s missing out on one of the only unique traits that no other sport has.” Twitter.

“The player had to figure things out on their own. That was the beauty of it. What happens if a high-ranking player versus a low-ranked player does not have or [cannot] Carry the cost of a coach? “

The trial begins the week of July 11 and will run until the ATP Finals, which ends the season in November.

Muratoglu was involved in an infamous off-court training incident – which was initially not allowed at a Grand Slam – in the 2018 US Open final when Williams received a warning about a training violation.

Muratoglu had signaled to the stands during the decisive match against eventual winner Naomi Osaka. But the 52-year-old coach later said he would do it again, calling it “the most stupid of the rules” as no one was punished.

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