Here’s how SC teachers are learning about personal finance

This forum comes after state legislators passed a budget provision requiring that high schoolers must take a personal finance course to graduate. WEST COLUMBIA, SC — A statewide nonprofit named SC Economics hosted a forum today, to give teachers the resources they need for their new personal finance classes. This course will be a requirement for students to graduate in the future, starting with the high school freshman class of 2023. State legislators passed a provision budget about this requirement, a personal finance class, earlier this year. So now, teachers across the state of South Carolina are navigating a new course, teaching personal finance. RELATED: Finance experts offer 6 tips to raise your credit score “I’m a new middle school teacher and we’re actually creating a new financial literacy program for middle schoolers in Clover, so this is a good opportunity for me to build my network as well and learn other resources,” said Christa Feaster an Oak Ridge Middle School teacher. An SC Economics finance forum hosted in West Columbia on Tuesday is making that learning curve a little less harsh. “I work with students who are not getting a diploma, who are getting either a credential certificate or a certificate of attendance and these are children who are going to go straight into the workplace and they very much need to have financial literacy so that they will not be caught off guard. They will know when they get their paycheck, how to spend their money,” said Bonnie Robinson an Irmo High School special education teacher. RELATED: Proposal would require personal finance class at South Carolina high school It was a day for networking, sharing free resources like, and introducing teachers to education partners. “The ability to find things that can extend their budget, particularly when they’re trying to do so many other things on a budget is especially important,” said Brandon Pugh, president of SC Jumpstart Coalition. Jim Morris is the CEO of SC Economics. He says personal finance is interdisciplinary. “Personal finance space, it crosses math, it crosses geography, history. Look at Ukraine and what has that done from an economics perspective. But then, even more, what about all the way down to your personal lives, your food security,” Morris said. Another State Board of Education meeting will be held on November 8, 2022 to discuss this personal finance provision further, and to allow for public comment.

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