Why Boston Celtics shouldn’t test the trade market for another center

As it is just a few days following December 15, the NBA world begins to ponder thoughts on the trade deadline that is now just a few months away. On December 15, a total of 75 players around the league who signed free agent deals in the offseason are now available to be dealt elsewhere as every team around the association seeks to elevate their floor at a critical point in the season. With the Boston Celtics sitting atop the NBA standings, Brad Stevens is not staring down as big of a job as many of the sitting clubs on the brink of the postseason. Seemingly the most glaring hole on the Boston Celtics roster is still a third big man with Al Horford and Robert Williams III having trouble staying on the floor consistently. The Celtics have six traded player exceptions, and a $3.2 million disabled player from Danilo Gallinari when he was announced to have a torn ACL following a FIBA ​​World Cup qualifier. All of the TPEs expired by February 10, 2022. Boston can offer up to three unprotected first-round selections or any of the few second-round picks over the next few seasons.Despite the fact that the Celtics are nearly $26 million over the luxury tax, Boston has a plethora of ways to match salaries if they find a perfect rotational player to fill a role in a team that is trying to work through its first run of adversity. Even with all of these assets to utilize in the trade market, it does not make much sense to use them given the number of role players that rose to prominence so far during this campaign. Nearly every Boston Celtics fan has been searching for a way to reject Luke Kornet as the third big man, but after nearly three months in the rotation, he has done nothing but impress more than anybody would have thought. From his personality on and off the floor to his impact in such a short amount of time, Kornet has taken his role in Stride while not many people around the NBA believed he could be the guy. Kornet has been an afterthought for many teams for many years, but for the first time since the 2019/2020 campaign, the former Vanderbilt product has contributed to more than 20 games for a single team. Nobody knows how a new player is going to implement themselves in this team that has been playing good basketball all season. Is a player like Jakob Poeltl going to be willing to accept the role of being more of a bench presence even though he has started in Every game he has played in for the Spurs so far this season? Whether it’s his creative celebrations after a basket or his unforgettable press conferences after the game, Kornet’s personality is truly one of a kind. From the success of the “Kornet contest” to his hilarious comparison with Stromile Swift, there can be a lot said for a guy that brings a carefree presence everywhere he goes.Joe Mazzulla knows that Kornet fits the mold coming off the bench, and after a strange stretch at the beginning of the season, the interim head coach trusts the seven-foot-two center in a variety of spots throughout a game. Given all the injuries, the third center is going to be important for Boston going forward, and despite all these assets to use in a trade before the deadline, the Celtics have a proven answer without having to do much work. Sure, Kornet does not blow anyone out of the water with his athleticism or shooting ability, but if anybody thought he would be this effective during his minutes this season, they were lying. Bismack Biyombo is no question a player with a higher ceiling that can He brings a defensive solidity along with a strong rebounding presence in the paint, but who knows if he is able to muster up as large of an effect on the contest coming off the bench compared to Kornet. As an effective pick-and-roll defender that has come in critical points in certain games, just like against Oklahoma City, there has not been much to complain about when it comes to Kornet, even though many want to ponder up an idea that there is.Luke Kornet has been an underrated source of offense for the Boston CelticsAccording to Cleaning the Glass, Luke Kornet possesses a career-high in points per 100 shot attempts with 146.9 points, putting him in the 97th percentile of players in his position. In the 626 possessions that Kornet has been on the floor this season for Boston, the Celtics are outscoring the opposition by more than 10 points, possessing a quality effective field goal percentage of 48.7 percent. Boston has allowed the third fewest shots per game within five feet of any team in the NBA, and while Kornet has not the biggest role in that, one can argue he has filled in as admirably as possible for Williams III as the rim protector.For Acting Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla to have the confidence to start Kornet in the overtime period against the Lakers says a lot even though his options were slim. Using his length, and ability to position himself the right way to alter the opposition’s shot on a regular basis, Kornet has been an extremely serviceable defender. There are going to be mistakes when it comes to Kornet, he isn’t the perfect player, but what he has brought to Boston has been filled with more positive than negative this season. Some may say that he can not be an effective player when called upon in the postseason, but at the end of the day, how many minutes will this third really big be getting? Of course, I might be a Kornet homer, but the numbers and its effectiveness don’t lie. It is difficult not to embrace a player like Kornet, especially given the kind of attitude he radiates in the midst of battle and in the post game. If you have not jumped on the Kornet bandwagon quite yet, and are searching for another answer as the third big for the Cs, remember Brad Stevens, one of the smartest basketball minds out there kept the faith in Kornet throughout the entire summer, not budging one bit when the Robert Williams news dropped. There is no doubt the Boston Celtics should make at least one move before the deadline, but does it really make sense to disrupt a solution that is more than working for the time being?

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