Demolition Of ‘Nightmare’ Hotel Along Route 13 Begins

Credit: Tom Sofield/ The demolition of a closed Route 13 hotel deemed a “nightmare” in the past has begun. On Monday, crews were busy using two excavators to tear down the Hammock Hotel in the 6200 block of Route 13 by the Pennsylvania Turnpike bridge. Advertisements Demolition work at the 9-acre site began Friday and was welcomed last week by Bristol Township officials. BCCI Levittown LLC is planning to turn the site into a 110,000-square-foot logistics warehouse that will be “occupied by a well-qualified tenant.” The future tenant was not listed in documents. Credit: Tom Sofield/ Advertisements The project is valued at $10 million and will receive $250,000 in state tax credits and $2 million in state funds from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. Bristol Township Council approved the plan to develop the warehouse on the site in August. Credit: Tom Sofield/ “This investment will help return this property to a productive and positive use, generating jobs and tax revenues to benefit the community” Mike S. Callahan, vice president of acquisitions and development for Benchmark Real Estate and Benchmark Construction, said in November. Lower Bucks County has become a hot destination for warehouse and logistical facility development due to its large population, workforce, and access to highways, waterways, airports, and rail. The hotel has been the site on numerous 9-1-1 calls and has had a seedy reputation in recent years. Credit: Tom Sofield/ Officials previously called the Hammock Hotel a “safety concern” that had complaints of “loitering, needles, trash and 911 calls.” Advertisements In March 2000, exotic dancer Rachel Siani was murdered at a hotel. Her body was dumped from on the New Jersey side of the Turnpike Bridge. John Denofa, formerly of Buckingham Township, is currently serving time in prison for Siani’s death. The case has received national attention in the years since. Credit: Tom Sofield/ Advertisements Credit: Tom Sofield/ Credit: Tom Sofield/ Credit: Tom Sofield/ Credit: Tom Sofield/ Credit: Tom Sofield/ Credit Credit: Tom Sofield/ Credit: Tom Sofield/ Report a correction via email | Editorial standards and policies

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