Loop Awards: Entrepreneur of the Year

An entrepreneur is an individual who sets up a business, taking on financial risks in order to earn a profit and in most cases, this is the motivation behind the start of many small companies and large corporations.However, there are some people who have become Entrepreneurs because of their genuine desire to help others or improve situations. Whatever the reason for that start, being an entrepreneur is no easy task or journey. As such, for our sixth Annual Loop Awards category, we want to use this opportunity to recognize some of the hardworking businessmen and women throughout the Caribbean. Here are the nominees who were selected for the Annual Loop Awards Entrepreneur of the Year category, and as usual, we are counting on your votes to select the top entrepreneur for 2022 brand’s flagship product. To date, E&E Agrochemicals has also launched four additional products (Nitro-Pro, Cal-10, Cal-Mag-B and Cal-Nite).Below are some other big wins for Gabriel and E&E Agrochemicals:Their products are being sold at major agricultural retailers across the island, Grenada and Dominica.After launching the business in Grenada, the company also participated in Grenada’s very first Agriculture Expo.They work as an active partner with WUSC Caribbean& Sustainable Agriculture in the Caribbean (SAC) project.They are actively involved in farmer consultations and outreach across the island. and is intent on building upon the legacy of its previous owner the late Peter de Savary to make it one of the best brands in Grenada. Here are a few more reasons we believe Barry Collymore should be recognized: He int ends to introduce significant plans and measures to improve the customer experience at Mount Cinnamon Hotel. Collymore launched the West Indies School of Hospitality program last year in conjunction with Cornell University, investing in the training and development of the industry. Mount Cinnamon Hotel is also in the Green Globe Program, and Collymore is in discussions with other environmental partners. Collymore plans on working with the Grenada Tourism Authority and other stakeholders to promote Grenada. Nominee 3: Alwyn Brown (Jamaica) Sharkies and Plantation Smokehouse Brown is the proud owner of the most popular north-coast Jamaican restaurants that not only offer a bellyful of delicious foods but are also hailed for expertly introducing one of the country’s main offerings to visitors. Referring to himself as someone who is not afraid to take risks, Brown made it onto the Entrepreneur of the Year nominee list because: He creatively exposes locals and tourists to quality entertainment, leaving the brand of his country strongly impressed on the minds of visitors.He serves as a motivation for others who would like to take a risk by starting a business and also sticking through the hard times and using creativity to overcome the odds.Brown has opened numerous locations and, in so doing, has provided a livelihood for a lot of Jamaicans. , like Pepper Mango and Charcoal Coconut. The Henrys have had a massive buzz surrounding their products over the years, including winning the 2022 Entrepreneurship Award from the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce. There are many other reasons for them to be added to this list of nominees. AJ Ice Cream stood out at the Carifesta market, as there were people streaming to their booth to taste the deliciousness that the brand had to offer. Since 2017, the Henrys They have worked hard to establish their business, growing from a table to a tent, then a cart and eventually a shop. This couple is showing the world that it can be done from humble beginnings. They are creating a new world of treats that locals and tourists didn’t even know that they needed and their special flavors can be used to celebrate those special occasions.Nominee 5 : Allana & Logan Steuart (Trinidad & Tobago) Berties Pepper SauceIt’s safe to say that the Steuarts have made their mark on the condiment manufacturing industry with the introduction of their signature pepper sauces.In 2004, this couple decided to enter the world of business but not to make a profit for themselves. They did so with the noble intent of making some money to purchase a refrigerator for a needy member of their community. Needless to say that their act of kindness paid off. You may also want to vote for the Steuarts because they: Placed second in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Small to Medium Entrepreneur category of the 2018 Champions of Business. Support local farmers by using only locally grown peppers in their sauce recipes. In Trinidad and Tobago, Bertie’s pepper sauce is a well-loved brand and one of the most widely available commercial pepper sauces to date. These five nominees are inspiring, to say the least, and we proudly share their stories and accomplishments with you. Cast your vote by clicking the link, then share this article with a friend or family member.

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