Holiday Bonus: What is considered a good Christmas bonus?

Christmas is a very challenging time of year from a financial perspective for so many families and that is why any sort of help from, either the US government or from an employer, is very, very welcome.The most common way for people to get some extra money at Christmas time to help buy presents or food, or to help fulfill heating bills, is for a Christmas bonus to appear in the pay check at the end of the month, or maybe even earlier. The size of a Christmas bonus can vary wildly though between different companies, jobs, and positions within those companies. They can often be incentive-based, meaning employees have worked hard to meet and surpass targets all year long so that they definitely get their Christmas bonus. There can be a lot of confusion as to whether people have received a good and fair bonus, or if perhaps they ought to receive a little more appreciation for their hard work. What is the average Christmas bonus in the USA? In the United States of America, the average Christmas bonus is estimated to be 1,900 dollars. There are no regulations in place for companies, though, so they could pay nothing, they could pay 100 dollars. , or they could pay 5,000 dollars. It is commonly assumed to expect somewhere between two percent and five percent of your salary. Any less than that could make people think about finding a new role, while any more should cause a lot of happiness. Employers should also consider that taxes must still be paid on bonuses, so they need to give a considerable amount for that money to actually make it into employees’ pockets. Christmas bonuses haven’t been around for the last couple of years for many workers as the COVID-19 pandemic caused such financial strife for so many companies that there simply was no money in the bank to give anything more to employees than their agreed-on salary.

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