How Fidelity’s Denise Chisholm Gains Market Insights With Historic Data (Sponsored Content)

Think Advisor recognized Denise Chisholm, Director of Quantitative Market Strategy at Fidelity Investments, part of the Luminary Class of 2022. She also won this year in the category of Executive Leadership. Over the years, Chisholm has developed new ways to analyze historical data to gain greater insights into equity markets, which helps advisors and clients make better investing decisions. Three Key Takeaways: While historical data is useful for helping advisors and their clients think about equity markets, it’s critical to understand what the data is saying and how to separate the signal from the noise. Chisholm notes that market narratives can be deceiving and that it’s always important for advisors to remain skeptical. While historical data can help advisors understand where the market is going, it’s always important to empirically test data to understand that patterns in the market can be deceiving. To hear more of this conversation between Chisholm and moderator Roger Wohlner, press play.

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